Age of Wushu servers will receive a drastic modification in the next August 28th. Snail Games announced today that Black Tortoise and White Tiger will be unified and become a single server in order to increase “players’ experience”. Due to the drastic decrease of population in this two servers and the opening of a new one, Golden Kirin, the company decided to proceed with its merger:

In order to improve the player experience on the White Tiger and Black Tortoise servers, we will merge the Black Tortoise server into the White Tiger server on Wednesday, August 28th. This merger will take place during our normal weekly scheduled maintenance period on Wednesday, August 28th.

To clarify any doubt, including the procedures and details, Snail Games create a dedicated page for this merging. Players with the same nicknames will be able to keep them, however a server distinction will be added. The Jianghu ranking system will be reset and recalculated and the Mount Hua Competition will have double winners this month, exceptionally. In the meanwhile, players can enjoy the current in game events and the prizes within the returning hero gift bag, that contains helpful items like an advanced horse.