Did you know that 2018 marks 77 years since the very first casino was opened in the famous Las Vegas streets? Human beings have a crazy love affair with gambling in casinos. It’s great, but to ensure it remains great, you have to keep your enthusiasm in check and gamble within your bankroll limits.

Casinos were invented to give players ample chances of winning a ton of money. The winning chances are pretty slim, but there is always a glimpse of opportunity, and for that reason, we keep on playing. Everyone knows this, but there are a bunch of things about casinos that are not familiar to many. To celebrate 75 years of slot spinning, roulette wheeling, rolling dice and poker fun, here are seven things slot spinning, card hustling fun on the Vegas strip, here are seven things you never knew about casino slots online.

1) The Largest Casino in the World Today Is Larger Some Countries, and the Smallest Is within a Supermarket

Macau has the largest casino in the world called Venetian which stands on 10.5 million square feet. This is around 2.5 times the average size of the Vatican City and several other small countries in the world. This casino has more than 3000 slot machines, a vast hotel, more than 500 gambling tables and a private sporting arena.

The smallest casino in the world is located in a mini-mart around Palomar mountain. The ‘Slots-A-Fun Casino holds this title as it is only 15 ft by 40 ft in size.

2) Feeling Cheated? Here’s What to Do

Agencies and several authorities regulate every legal gambling centre. If ever at one point you feel cheated you can speed dial the Gaming Control of the casino or the gaming regulatory agencies of the region. Sometimes casinos and dealers have oversight, bringing out the need for reviewing any complaint. If your complaints are legitimate, you will get some assistance. However, this does not apply to all forms of casino complaints. If your claims are not related to cheating of foul-play, take it to the manager on duty. Don’t call up a whole government regulatory body to complain about cold food.

3) Casinos Lose 25% of All the Guest’s Money

According to research, as much as players lose a ton of cash while gambling, the casino expenses such as property costs, staff compensation and complimentary rewards, keep them from beating all the players. The more significant percentage of players comprise of those who play long enough to qualify for complimentary items and freebies such as meals and rooms. This results in the casino losing a quarter of all the money collected.

4) Casinos Have Strict Rules and Etiquette to Follow

The stereotype of casinos is that no rules apply and people can do or say whatever they want. While this is the reality in movies, it doesn’t apply in the real world. Casinos have lengthy lists of regulations that have to be followed by all guests and dealers. You can easily end up being kicked out, blacklisted or even arrested for failing to follow the rules. To get familiar with the regulations, ask for a copy the next time you visit a casino.

5) The Longest Winning Streak and The Highest Payout

Archie Karas from California went into a casino with only $50 in the year 1992. Over the next three years, he continuously won until his dollars turned into $40 million. Unfortunately, his luck soon ran out when he lost the whole amount at the end of 1995.

The greatest online payout was of $12 million, paid out to a Norwegian identified as “Peter”. He was playing Arabian Knights in a virtual casino when his streak of good luck swept him off his feet.

6) Win Too Much, And You Could Be Barred From Playing

Nothing personal, it’s merely strictly business. Gambling centres are businesses, and just like any other, managers are always on the frontline to safeguard their interest. In many gaming centres, players who are suspected of being advantage players are usually barred from participating in certain games. It may sound unfair but, it is legal.

7) Players Can Get Cheques Instead of Chips or Cash

What most players don’t know is that you can request the cashier to pay your winnings in cheque. Some casinos can even pay part of it in cash and the rest in cheque.

Casinos are very entertaining whether you are playing on the virtual or actual ones. There’s a lot more to learn about casinos. But, what we advise players is to have fun, relate well with other players, stick to your budget limit and tip dealers and servers occasionally. With that said, we wish you a fantastic time on your next gambling expedition!