The most accurate answer to this question would be – it depends on the thing you are looking for. Slots have always been one of the favourite land-based casino games. With the development of online platforms, their number and features increased significantly. Therefore, it became harder to find the right piece.

However, in this article, we will try to provide several characteristics of slots that can help you decide. Continue reading and become one step closer to choosing free slots in 2019. Let’s take a look at the factors that may be of importance.

The Budget Criteria

It is logical to play a slot that is in your betting range. There are a few ways you can estimate if it suits your wallet:

  • Slots “from – to” are flexible pokies where you can choose any amount between the minimum and the maximum values. For instance, one spin may cost from 1 up to 1,000 coins;
  • Slots with several fixed amounts include a few options for you to choose from. For instance, 0.01, then 0.05, so, there is no much space to move around.

Note that many online slot machines differ coin size and coin number so you should also be careful about it. In case you choose the max size, even one coin can swipe more cash from the account than you hoped for. You can prevent any negative consequences by adding just a certain amount to your account. That way max you can lose is that amount. Nothing more.

However, in case you have a budget and want to spend more coins per bet, slots with larger stakes are the ones for you. Most of the machines demand the highest bets in order to win the potential jackpot. Same thing with progressives. The more you stake, the more you can take. Chances are drastically increased when you stake big. If you are a newbie, do avoid deep pocket spinning.

The Volatility

The volatility or the variance of a pokie is the risk level, and it can be:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High

It shows how often you may win and how much can you win. For example, a low variance slot brings lower, yet frequent prizes. On the other hand, the highest volatility machines come with skyrocketing but rare rewards. Online slots carry different combinations when it comes to variance. It can be low/medium, medium/high; mostly two types are combined.

Return to Player

Another term connected to bets and wins is famous RTP (Return to Player). Basically, it shows the percentage of the invested wagered cash that bettors get back. This is a piece of information you can find out in several ways:

  • Type the particular game/manufacturer and go to web search;
  • Find the information on the official webpage of the software provider;
  • Check out blogs, reviews and forums where players share the experience.

The average RTP is around 95%. Stay away from the pieces that have this number below 93% and welcome those around 98%. (e.g. Devil`s Delight from NetEnt).

Layout and Design

This part is simple, and it completely depends on your preferences. If you like simple interface, easy rules and not so many symbols, then three reel pokies, fixed pay lines are for you.

But keep in mind that software providers are trying to create interesting setups, unusual reel combinations, and non-standard elements. Those ideas often require a more complicated game frame.


Sometimes bettors would rather see some of the favourite symbols with worse setup and features than choose a better slot machine with a disliked theme.

The main scenario of the pokie is very important. It lurks players in the first place. Branded slots are the proof of just how important is the inspiration, and the story pokie is based on.

Bonuses and Features

Probably the most significant parameter. Available options are a notable factor for bettors, such as special elements, additional games, or unique bonuses:

  • Extraordinary elements. Besides regular icons that normally correspond to the main theme, there are special cards. Wilds and Scatters usually activate bonus rounds. Wild icons can replace all other elements except Scatter. Moreover, they can be extra money.
  • Bonuses. There are so many different, imaginative extra games that are even hard to list them all. Sometimes you can activate hidden prizes, pick’em up levels.
  • Additional games are also present, like Gamble or separate levels.

Final Impressions

By looking at these criteria, you could have an idea of what suits your needs. A combination of the above mentioned should narrow down the best selection of online slots based on your taste.

The first thing you have to do is to explore. By reading blogs like these. By playing free slots in online casinos, or by collecting different experiences. The second thing is to determine a budget and not go over it.

More important than finding the best slot is to gamble responsibly. Read all the significant terms and conditions to reassure yourself once again, the particular piece is the one. Third, practice a bit. Demo versions are a great way to try out a piece before playing for real money. The theme may be perfect, but bonuses may be very bad, or opposite.

However, you always have to sacrifice something: the RTP, the volatility, the layout, or the bonus strategies. The important thing is to know both the weak and strong sides of an online casino design in order to pull it out the best possible way.