XCOM: Enemy Unknown is heading to China! 2K and Firaxis have announced that the upcoming DLC for the game, titled Slingshot, will be coming soon and it will challenge us to save a besieged China. I have all the details to share with you, plus some great screenshots to keep you hyped until the release day.

According to the game’s developers, XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot comes with three new missions set in China, where we’ll have to deal with the alien invaders once more. But we won’t be alone: there’s also a brand new character that will join our ranks, a Triad VIP member that turns into a Heavy starting the second mission of the DLC.

As promised, there are also some XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot DLC screens released today to convince you that the upcoming content pack is the real deal and you can check them out below:

Unfortunately, there’s no exact release date set for the Slingshot DLC, but 2K and Firaxis said that it’s coming “soon”.