Everybody is saying that the PC gaming is dying (or dead already) and that the consoles are the best way to keep on gaming. Apparently mammoth social game developers Zynga have a completely different opinion. Actually, they do believe that the Xbox 360 demographic is just too small to be taken into account when it comes to game development. Social game development, that is!

The legendary game designer Brian Reynolds (Colonization, Civilization, Age of Empires) has said in an interview with Industry Gamers that the Xbox Live users represent a way too small number of gamers:

“”[Xbox Live’s] too small a demographic. Think about, of my friends, how many of them own an Xbox 360? Well, I’m a game developer and I even come from a triple-A space so we might even be in the double digits… Twenty or maybe even thirty percent of my friends might have an Xbox 360, but effectively 100 percent of them have Facebook and effectively 100 percent of them have a mobile phone. Of them, probably 90 percent have a smartphone.”

This means that no time soon we’ll see games like FarmVille, FrontierVille or CityVille on Xbox Live and I guess you are devastated, right?