windows-7Microsoft’s Vista was not really the most successful operating system from Microsoft (personally, I still have XP installed), but apparently Microsoft’s Windows 7 will make us forget about all the previous versions and love the new OS.

Although we don’t have too many details about it right now (and especially if “older” games made for XP will be compatible), we do know that a Windows 7 Release Candidate will be released to the public on May 5, so you can write that date in your calendar and remember to download Microsoft’s new OS.

However, have in mind that a release candidate usually means that there might be a few bugs here and there (in other words, it’s kind of a finished product, but not a completely polished one). Still, it’s more than a beta and I am sure it’s what many of the PC owners were waiting for. I know I was getting kind of bored with my XP so I am looking forward to Windows 7. I’ll have to wait a little longer, though, since the OS won’t be put on sale until the end of 2009.