This week’s Wii Shop Channel additions are trying to help students find their pace for the new school year which just kicked off – with a brain teasing puzzle game and two classic action titles. Honestly, now, I have no idea if the action games could have any connection with the “school” concept, but I needed an introduction, mmkay?

Anyway, without further ado and school-related bullshirts, let me tell you about the only game released by Nintendo on WiiWare this week, a title you can purchase for exactly 800 Wii Points. Groovin’ Blocks is its name and it is a music-based puzzler with 27 stages, 15 levels of power-ups, all fit both for casual as well as hardcore players, thanks to the customizable difficulty settings. What’s even better – you can play it with a friend and we all know that multiplayer is more fun than anything!

Fans of the oldies, but goldies will be delighted to hear that the original Final Soldier is finally getting its share of remake love, being released this week for the Virtual Console for 700 Wii Points. It is a classic vertical scrolling shooter that will certainly keep you hooked for many hours – but you probably know everything about this title since it is, after all, a classic!

The latest game released this week by Nintendo is Cho Aniki, a single player title you can purchase for 900 Points. The game takes place on the planet Builder where you have to defeat a tyrannical emperor who has plans to destroy the world, or something like that – the classic story which doesn’t matter at all, because it’s more fun to blast through your enemies and see them turned into huge piles of trash.