Finally, the time has come for you to open the presents that you’ve been gathering in CastleVille recently and to enjoy the nice gifts sent over by your neighbors. I am sure that you are curious to know what rewards can you find inside the CastleVille Christmas Presents and that’s exactly what you’ll know after reading this article.

So here are the rewards that can be found in the CastleVille Christmas Presents, based on the level of the presents:

Level 1 Presents
– Energy Potions
– Pile of Snow
– Crystal Shards
– Coins

Level 2 Presents
– Pile of Snow
– Pine Tree Saplings
– Animal Treats
– Fairy Wings

Level 3 Presents
– Coins
– Gloom Rat Tail
– Stone Block
– Pine Cone Garland
– Oak Tree Sapling
– Rocks

Level 4 Presents
– Chocolate Bar
– Button
– XP
– Boulders
– Pine Cone Garland
– Cornbread Muffin
– Gloom Wolf Potion

Level 5 Presents
– Sword
– Coins
– XP
– Exploration Crystals
– Whetstone
– Love Potions
– Corn Dogs

I hope that you manage to get from your presents exactly the items you hope for! Merry Christmas!