The fact that we are all seeking entertainment in the most convenient ways should not surprise anyone. And if you own a console, this is twice so the case – most would agree that any and all advantages and boosts that the console players get are greatly appreciated. With this in mind, let’s talk about Xbox gift card subscription and the numerous perks it can grant you, of course, according to your preferences and needs. And at the same time, we might also battle the misconception that console players often get left floundering compared to their PC counterparts.

Bold plays with Gold

One of the more impactful purchases you might make with Xbox console in mind is the Live Gold subscription. This seemingly simple purchase has quite the power behind it; with the main attraction being games. Consider this; the entire games’ library is within your reach, look at the variety of titles, pick the one that interests you and, with the help of Xbox gift card subscription, take advantage of the exclusive discounts! Ranging in percentage all the way to 75%, every gamer will find something new to play. Or perhaps you already have a favourite and would prefer to keep it in your library? Well, using Live Gold membership you can get that beloved title with a great discount!

However, that is not the only perk that your premium membership gets you. The console would be of little use without entertaining games – none could argue there. Therefore, with the Live Gold, you will gain several free games each month, for as long as your subscription lasts. Xbox gift card subscription secures the best gaming experience for you, even should you have to say farewell to your Live Gold. Any and all the games you download to your account, you will get to keep! However, you’ll only get to access the Xbox One titles once the Gold membership is reactivated. Therefore, your game library is continuously expanding the more you play – it’s an investment that will continue paying for itself!

Multiple Additional Features

And finally, one could assume that you already have all the games that’ve caught your eye, or maybe you have few favourites and are not looking for any newcomers? That is absolutely fine, but do not think that Xbox gift card subscription becomes useless then. On the contrary, if you have a game you dedicated your time to, there’s a good chance that it can offer even more fun when shared with others! And Live Gold subscription might just be the thing that takes your gameplay to another level, as you will have access to an innovative multiplayer network.

Thus, connect with other players, plan strategies and discuss tactics. Also, if you are looking to learn from others and seek improvement based on your mistakes? Multiplayer system allows doing that too since you will be able to match with people who are of similar skill level to you! Xbox gift card subscription is designed with the intent to help you get the most out of your Xbox Live experience. Avoid people who cheat their way to the top, control who you play with and simply have a great time! After all, that’s what video games are meant for.

Irreplaceable Game Pass

But if you think Xbox and Microsoft would limit themselves to only one subscription, you are mistaken. Another of their services is called Game Pass. It can be considered similar to the previously discussed Live Gold since this subscription also revolves around games. But they do have some significant differences. Game Pass you can get with Xbox gift card subscription will allow you to play games on your PC. Yes, you read that right – you can now obtain a service that will cover both your PC and console simultaneously. Game Pass also grants you over a hundred games that are available while your subscription lasts. Simply log in and play. Also, there are discounts to various purchases within the store, thus you may buy additional content to your favourites or even an expansion or two to enhance your gameplay.

Ultimate Game Pass

Should you decide that you want to get the very best from Xbox, use the Xbox gift card subscription to get yourself Game Pass Ultimate. True to its name, this version of the Pass offers the combined ultimate power of the Xbox services – in one bundle you can get Game Pass for your PC, your console, and also have Live Gold included, all for one monthly price.

This enables the user to utilize all the platforms they might have, ensuring that both Microsoft and Xbox exclusive games are within reach. But perhaps you are in a situation where you have quite a few Live Gold codes and don’t want them to go to waste. Even in this case, the Xbox gift card subscription and Game Pass Ultimate will cover you – the time left to your Xbox subscription can be converted to Ultimate services based on the estimated price changes.

To sum it up, Xbox is here to provide you with the best possible experience while you play. Just pick the subscription which serves your needs the best. Play the titles you find compelling, connect with friends and other game lovers, and take multiple advantages to the connectivity and flexibility of your beloved console.






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