It may seem to you that bingo isn’t a very dynamic and entertaining game. In fact, many would argue that bingo is pretty much a game for old people. But these are just stereotypes. Firstly, there are variants of bingo there are surprisingly exciting and second, bingo isn’t just for old people.

Bingo has changed and so have the perception of it, especially since the establishment and popularisation of online bingo sites. We’re going to have a look at the most exciting bingo variants and how are they different from the standard and most commonly played version of the game.

Standard Bingo Variants

When we’re talking of bingo, most people have in mind either 90-ball bingo or 75-ball bingo, depending on where they live. The first is the dominant version in the UK, whereas 75-ball bingo is the most played version in the US. The US version is more dynamic and allows different variants to be developed and made available. 90-ball bingo is pretty much a static variant of the game, and it lacks variations.

As we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, bingo isn’t just for the old and the dull. In fact, there are plenty of new niche bingo markets, including bingo for hipsters. Hipster bingo is different from regular bingo in that it is played at trendy bars and halls, instead at boring bingo halls from the past century. Players don’t have to limit their culinary options to chicken, chips and beer, you can order falafel or a Caesar’s salad when you’re playing hipster bingo, accompanied with a classic cocktail and or a craft beer.

Hipster Bingo

Hipster bingo has more to do with style and the way the game is played and not the actual gaming elements, so we’ll have a look at bingo games that are more about the actual gameplay and not the settings or the environment in which the game is played.

80-ball bingo is not the most exciting variant, but it is interesting to see that a game can be a mashup of 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo, i.e. the American and the British variant. 80-ball bingo features a four by four grid, as opposed to 75-ball bingo which features five rows and five columns.

When it comes to winning combinations, 80-ball bingo features fewer winning combinations than 75-ball bingo.

80-Ball Bingo

Still, 80-ball bingo is not a very unusual game, so let’s move on to variants that aren’t very common. 30-ball bingo, also known as speed bingo is a much faster variant which in turn makes it a lot more dynamic. As the name clearly indicates, there are 30 balls and one ticket features a total of nine numbers, placed across a three by three grid. In the longest possible variant of 30-ball bingo, the caller draws a maximum of 24 balls.

Branded Bingo Games

All of the bingo variants that we discussed above are pretty much standard, involve a standard ticket layout and standard symbols – namely numbers. However, game developers have been pretty creative with their games lately, so we did get a number of branded bingo games, based on TV shows, earlier editions of popular online slots and more.

Deal or no deal bingo is one such example, as this game is based on the TV show of the same name. In the 90-ball deal or no deal bingo variant, the player can win an additional prize, which is the No Deal feature prize. The game features a jackpot prize that can grow depending how long it’s been since a jackpot prize has been hit.

Britain’s Got Talent is another bingo game based on a popular TV show. This is a special game that features six possible cash prizes. There’s a Buzzer Bonus, an Audience Award and a Judges Jackpot. All based on features of the TV show.