HWID bans do not ban only a gamer’s game account but his entire PC. The game scans a gamer’s PC to identify that he is the real gamer. After this, it generates an exclusive code on the settings and elements of his Personal Computer. This code is known as Hardware Identifier or HWID. This code is unique to every gamer’s PC. If someone uses the game and finds out the same HWID, he can either ban your new account or not allow access to this game. People use various methods to get banned. An HWID ban is commonly provided to gamers when they are caught hacking several times. Nonetheless, it is only assured some of the time.

How can you bypass a Hardware ban or HWID ban in a game?

HWID or hardware bans are considered to be the toughest. Besides banning a gamer’s IP address, some hardware parts have exclusive IDs or unique identifiers that games block. Anti-cheat companies and game developers hunt for more effective and improved ways to ban cheaters. This is the reason they have begun HWID banning gamers. It results in banning the hardware parts in the previous few years for good.

The hardware ID ban commonly applies to many people or cheaters who must diligently follow every rule. However, at times, users get banned even in the absence of some valid reasons. Regardless of your case, you need full information regarding hardware bans and how to get unbanned from any game. The entire process will take some time; hence, you must be extra careful and patient with every instruction.

The things that get banned       

The hardware that becomes blacklisted tends to be different. At times, one or more than one gets banned. These are Motherboard, Mac address, Router, IP address, SSD, HDD, Peripherals, Other HWID keys on a PC, Mac or Network Card, Windows unique identifiers etc.


The method of getting unbanned from an HWID ban

To become banned from an HWID or hardware ban successfully, you have to follow some steps:

Uninstall the game and clear every trace

If you suffer from a HWID or hardware ban, you must uninstall the game completely. Additionally, you have to ensure that you have cleared all the files connected to it. Any files on your PC shouldn’t be left that can ban your hardware again. You must also select the option “Programs” from the Control Panel. After you find the game, uninstall it.

Edit the keys of HWID Registry

In the next step, you must edit some registry keys as they, too, can help in the hardware ban again. Press the essential Win + R so that a little window opens. Here, you must type Regedit before hitting Enter.

Setup and Mask your IP Address

People refuse to pay for a VPN. The unfortunate thing is if it doesn’t turn out to be sustainable. This way, they spend lots of money on new accounts and endless hours brooding about why they got banned.

Alter the Serial Number of your disk

Hard drives are considered to be common parts of hardware that gets blacklisted on an HWID or hardware ban. Fortunately, altering the unique identifier of a hard drive can be bypassed easily. And it doesn’t even cause problems on the files or hard drive. Locate the folder and the earlier downloaded files to alter the hard drives’ serial number IDs. After this, change the ID or serial number of your disk. Here, you will find a file called “Change Disk IDs.” After you right-click on it, you must select the option “Run as administrator.”


Getting hardware banned is very common, and it happens for several reasons. At times, gamers themselves become perplexed by this decision. But you can escape from this ban when you follow some practical steps.