Today’s companies in a wide variety of industries need to embrace innovative technology if they are to remain competitive throughout their existence. Every day there is more and more information in the press and on the internet about how these very technologies are radically impacting and changing society for the better. It has already become a must for many that the ability to work with technological innovation has become a real necessity for many people.

As it turned out, the same artificial intelligence will turn into the most important and powerful tool for design and art in the very near future. High-tech in gambling is not going to avoid the same fate. This applies not only to virtual gambling houses in the British Isles, but also to gaming resources operating in the European Union. The same
non uk casino that don’t have official UK licenses will still be able to use the benefits provided by artificial intelligence.

A recent survey by the World Economic Forum found that almost two-thirds of the world’s population expect artificial intelligence products and services to significantly change everyone’s daily life in the next few years.

A special service called ChatGPT, which made a lot of noise immediately after its release at the end of November 2022, should provide some help in the field of online gambling and online betting.

The chatbot was developed by OpenAI, a company founded by Ilon Musk himself.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a kind of chatbot with artificial intelligence, which is able to communicate on unlimited number of topics. This tool not only understands many languages, being truly multilingual, but has the ability to independently translate texts into all major languages of the planet. The obvious advantages of chatbot are high malleability, scalability, availability and ease of use.

ChatGPT makes it possible to use all the power and strength of artificial intelligence in a couple of clicks from anywhere in the world. The only thing that might limit its application is the user’s imagination. And as we know, online casino fans and sports betting adepts often tend to trust their own imaginations. Let’s try to imagine exactly how betting shops, online casinos and artificial intelligence will interact.

How can bettors use ChatGPT?

And while this article focuses on the impact of ChatGPT on online casino players, we also need to consider the fact that many online gambling portals are now starting to be used by betting shops. This means that our chatbot will have some effect on the online betting community as well.

It is evident that bookmakers have been using artificial intelligence for quite some time, both for data collection and odds setting. So how should the emergence of full access to artificial intelligence affect the sports betting market? Could ChatGPT be of significant help to bettors?

Essentially, sports betting is a kind of numbers game. For the experienced classic bettor, guessing the final result is only part of the fun, whereas the sheer joy of the gaming process lies in comparing one’s view of the odds with the bookmaker’s view.

Given ChatGPT’s mathematical ability and ability to collect data at an incredible speed, it’s no surprise that online betting fans took notice of the development as soon as it became publicly available. And from the looks of it, artificial intelligence has a huge number of advantages over any bookmaker.

ChatGPT is able to assist sports bettors in several possible ways:

  • The chatbot can analyse large amounts of data in real time, giving online betting fans timely information and insights into teams, players and ongoing tournaments. This should help betting fans make informed decisions.
  • It is able to provide logical and clear recommendations based on event analysis, player preferences, betting history and other factors, while taking into account the bettor’s own wishes.
  • The chatbot has the ability to analyse data on past results of teams, players and tournaments, which will eventually reveal any trend patterns needed to make informed decisions about upcoming bets.
  • Can track the odds for sports at different bookmakers in order to determine the best possible betting conditions.
  • ChatGPT is able to provide bettors with betting strategies and recommendations that are based on statistics, trends and other factors. All of this together should allow users to make the best possible betting decisions.

That said, this list may also seem a bit presumptuous. ChatGPT will only be as useful as the bettor is able to describe the task at hand well, using a technique called hinting. In a standard situation, it insists on its inability to analyse odds when the user asks for it, and offers predictions only with serious reservations.

How can online casino customers use ChatGPT to succeed in their gambling experience?

While chatbot recommendations for sports betting are fairly straightforward and straightforward, when it comes to table games at online casinos, the situation is drastically different.

The odds of winning will depend on the characteristics of the game, as well as to some extent on the rules of the particular gambling establishment. Let’s take the popular card game of blackjack as an example, which is, in fact, very simple and straightforward for gamblers with minimal gaming experience.

The user needs to either ask the dealer to dealt another card during the game, or stay in the game, or split (where a player holds two cards of the same value, which should be split and played as two separate hands). Deciding whether or not to order another card from the dealer is where skill is required. In addition, the artificial intelligence is able to give clues as to when to double up and when to split.

The player’s actions are decided according to the cards in his hand and the cards visible in the dealer’s hand. While the champion, relying on his own memory, may have a complete table of probable combinations, regular users can turn to the chatbot to report the cards in their hand and get a recommendation on which particular move they should make.

Another game with very good odds of winning is baccarat. Each user can use different strategies to increase their chances of winning. As in blackjack, there are also additional side bets that can bring significant rewards.

Artificial intelligence can be used to play poker, but any attempt to use it to play slots is doomed to failure. It is better to use chat-bot for a quick search entertainment with high RTP and generous bonuses.

However reliable an assistant may seem to gamblers chat-bot, each and every one must firmly understand that in games with the same live dealers can not guarantee a hundred percent winnings. That is, victory and solid kushy entirely depends only on luck, so the gamble process must be approached with the utmost responsibility and spend on gambling entertainment money, the loss of which will not cause serious damage to either themselves or their financial well-being.

Will chatbots ever replace live dealers?

Customers of today’s online casinos are wondering whether artificial intelligence could replace live dealers in the near future.

It is likely that developers of gaming content for gaming resources could gather enough data to create chatbots that would do the job of a live dealer in a variety of table games. Such chatbots would be able to provide feedback and a kind of necessary social interaction. Would live gamblers want to deal with live dealers in doing so?

Who knows. In China itself, for example, many parents have given up on teaching their children online using chatbots. It turns out that artificial intelligence is not yet able to work as well as humans. Some people don’t think they are capable of teaching. Other parents prefer the ordinary human touch when they get real social interaction.

This is the likely result of trying to replace live croupiers with chatbots. People are attracted to games with live dealers because the gameplay involves a real person. Artificial intelligence moderates the chat branches of the gaming portal with real dealers who maintain interaction between players through live communication. This reduces the likelihood of potential conflict, but is the limit to what a chatbot can do in live dealer games.

However, replacing a human croupier is unlikely to lead to an improvement. A certain appeal of live dealer games is that dealers are also attractive in their own way. Chatbots cannot be a worthy substitute, as artificial intelligence would be a kind of step backwards. Communicating with a chatbot would then be nothing more than some extended version of traditional online table games.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT

With all the undeniable advantages of this chatbot, there are some disadvantages, which are also worth mentioning.

  • Significant computing resources. The demands placed on them when using them continue to grow, and this can cause some insurmountable problems.
  • Random misinformation propagation. ChatGPT can generate incorrect information or maintain misinformation, which can cause unpleasant consequences for the public.
  • The emergence of ethics and privacy issues, which could include the creation of fake texts or copyright infringement.

ChatGPT will refuse to assist in what it knowingly considers unethical behaviour, i.e. it will not, under any circumstances, help a common crook to defraud a virtual gambling establishment. For some, this may also be a disadvantage of this chatbot.

ChatGPT is a pretty powerful tool, which can bring significant benefits in many different areas of human life. At this stage, the visitors of betting shops and online casinos, of which there are many today, were able to evaluate the benefits of this chatbot.

ChatGPT opens up amazing opportunities for a lot of gambling people around the world. It can analyse large amounts of statistical information in real time, giving bettors useful recommendations, as well as providing useful advice to casino visitors on live dealer games.