As we get ready to draw the line and mark the ending of yet another great week in gaming, we should not forget the few really cool videos released today for games such as Mirror’s Edge, 50 Cent and Dragonica. As always, we’re showing you the best below, but don’t forget to check the Unigamesity YouTube channel for even more game trailers and videos!

We’ll start with a newcomer or, better said, a rather low profile game that seems to be pretty fun, though. Dragonica, a free to play 3D side scrolling MMORPG, presents us the strengths and awesomely destructive spells of the Magician class in the trailer below. And, for a few extra info, it’s worth noting that the game offers a whole new level of combat system wherein you can perform chain attack combinations paired up with humorous skills that are easy to learn but difficult to master. Community functions such as guilds, parties, marriage system and a lot more will encourage interaction between players. You can also acquire different pets that can be used as mounts or battle assistants and have your own house which you can furnish and decorate. In other words, just as the video below proves, Dragoinca is a free MMO game that might just capture your gaming senses.

We’ll continue with a must see video, at least for the Mirror’s Edge fans, as it offers a quick glimpse to the upcoming Time Trial Map Pack we’ve already talked about. However, one thing is clear: when he said “more abstract aesthetic”, Owen O’Brien really meant it! Check for yourself in the video below:

Lastly, the guy who got shot nine times and can still star in video games (kind of, at least), 50 Cent, presents a brand new video from the sequel of the disappointing original featuring the rapper. This time, however, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand seems to be a bit more solid, even though it could prove to be just a bit too bling-bling for some.