gun skin

In today’s article, we’ll show you how to get skins in Valorant. Different types of pistols and rifles can be purchased by leveling up through contracts or by running the workshop. Let’s see in detail how to get them.

How to unlock weapon skins through the store

There are several glitches to obtaining more or less functional Valorant skins. However, all unofficial methods which we advise you not to use so as not to ruin the game experience. If you want to get weapon skins all you have to do is collect Valorant points by simply playing.

Indeed, every day the store offers new weapon skins and all you have to do is to wait for the one that interests you and buy it. Probably in the future this rotation mechanism will be replaced by the direct purchase of the skins.

The best way to spend your Valorant points if you want skins is to wait for the Luxe and Reaver packs (4375 points), which are expensive but cheaper than buying single skins. In fact, these packages contain skins for a group of pistols and for a knife. Alternatively, you can still purchase a single skin for 875 points.

How to unlock weapon skins with contracts

Contracts unlock weapon and agent skins. In fact, each character has a specific contract that can be activated by objectives to complete in the game. Thanks to these, you will get experience points that will lead you to level up and obtain new rewards. To start earning interesting skins, you need to reach level 9.

Currently there are no other methods of obtaining skins, but we remember that the game is still in closed beta. In addition, over time Riot will add new features to Valorant in which there will certainly be events to obtain special skins.

How do I get skins in Valorant? Free way

Here we want to start with the fact that the Internet is simply replete with various ways, which describe the possibilities and life hacks that allow you to get skins in Valorant for free. Let’s say right away – due to some manipulations – you may well grab a ban, so be careful about such a “freebie”. Actually, at the moment there are 2 ways in which you can get skins for free.

Method 1

As you play, you will gain experience, which will allow you to unlock new characters. However, you will not get them naked either. On some characters, the developers initially provided for special skins that you can choose from in the collection. The weapon will be labeled with the agent’s name.

But they are also given for a reason. You will need to complete a variety of contracts, for which you will be given all the same experience, which will open access to rewards. Each skin usually indicates how much experience and contracts you need to complete.

Method 2

Getting Valorant skins through In-game currency, we have already written about this. Valorant has a currency such as Radianite points. You can buy it for Valorant Points, as well as get it for completing certain contracts.

How to complete contracts quickly

If you want to complete contracts quickly and earn skins then Valorant boosting is the best way for you. Valorant boosting services are provided by professional players in which they will play with you as a team or play as a solo from your account to quickly increase your Valorant level and complete Valorant contracts.