There are some incredible things a person can do in order to get a bit of extra cash and that includes, unfortunately, stealing and harming their own families. In this case a 33-year-old dude stole his sister’s PlayStation 2 console and sold it for 95 bucks to his friend. What a wicked world we live in today, isn’t it?

According to the Borne Bulletin, the defendant admitted the theft – he stole the PS2 and sold it to pay off a debt. He said that he saw the console on the floor, in front of the TV (who would’ve thought that a PS2 would be in front of a TV?) and his fingers started itching. In exchange for that, he got two months of prison time for his deed and I guess that her sister will not allow him to enter her house again too soon. At least I hope she will be able to do that.

Because, even though stealing itself is a crappy thing to do anyway, stealing from your family to pay for YOUR debts is unforgivable. Not to mention the fact that it was a PlayStation 2 which surely has a more sentimental value than a financial one. And how could a brother take his sister’s pure entertainment device? Fortunately, the PlayStation 2 was returned to the rightful owner, but stuff like the one done by the brother should simply not be done and I truly hope there will no longer be news like this one too soon.



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