Fallout 3 is a great, solid game, as I told you yesterday and we had no reason to try and fix its reported problems. Today we have even more multi-platform reasons of joy since following an extensive Q&A with Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Product Manager for Fallout 3 on Eurogamer we found out a lot of cool new things about this wonderful RPG.

For example, even though Fallout 3 is huge right now, it’s going to get even bigger via downloadable content, as Hines said: “Our focus is going to be on DLC,” mentioning that even though it won’t be something similar to Shivering Isles it will still be similar in size with Knights of the Nine, which I believe should be enough.

Unfortunately for the PlayStation 3 owners, there are no plans to bring this downloadable content on Sony’s console. Instead, Trophies are coming and I’m sure that will make a lot of people happy (even though not as happy as DLC would’ve made them).

Oh, and for those who are still bugged by the PC problems of Fallout 3, another great news, according to Hines: “As far as fixes, there’s a PC update coming out later today that will address a few PC-specific things that have come up.” Yuppie!


  1. Hi. I just would like to confirm if Fallout 3 DLC will be coming to PS3 or not…your other article “GTA IV, Fallout 3 and TR Underworld DLC Heading to PS3” states that it will but this current article does not.


  2. Hello, clandestine!

    Right now there are no plans I know of to deliver the Fallout 3 DLC to PlayStation 3 consoles. The article mentioned by you states Sony’s Director opinion regarding the future of the downloadable content but it can’t be considered an official announcement – at least Bethesda have not confirmed any plans to bring the DLC to PS3 consoles, unfortunately…

  3. I guess buying a XBox 360 is the only option haha. Two consoles will be better than one at least you enjoy the first party exclusives (and those 3rd party exclusives like the DLC).

    Great site and more power.


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