While playing Treasure Isle you start out by adding the application to your personal Facebook account. Simply starting the application will take you to an area where you can choose from multiple ways to personalize your character such as changing their hair style, facial features and clothing to suit your needs. Aside from the series of islands, or isles, that you get to travel to, you can also recharge your energy and grow fruits by going to your home isle.

You will notice that Treasure Isle is a game where you travel from island to island while digging to find treasure. An automatic tutorial will guide you through the beginning of the game. Starting out on a small isle, all you need to do it point your mouse over the ground area of the isle. The places that are lit up will be the places that you can dig. Digging consumes energy – probably the most important part of Treasure Isle.

More islands will open up for you once you progress and meet the goal for the island that you are on. The islands, or isles, each have their own specific goal in order to pass on to the next island in the chain. Also, once you have completed the first island you will then advance to the next. Each isle will increase in difficulty including more energy being used each dig. New tools, such as a machete, are offered for use in each advancing island. But with the advance also means that your character will use more energy with each use.