<strong>Top Side Hustles That Every Gamer Should Know </strong>

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Top Side Hustles That Every Gamer Should Know 

By 2024, the worldwide gaming market is predicted to be worth $218.7 billion, with 59% coming from mobile games. This tremendous growth is thanks to the number of youngsters picking up gaming as a hobby, and the good news is that this growth has created opportunities to earn money.

Today, gamers can pick from many side hustles, including game development, game coaching, eSports betting, and content creation. If you’re a gamer looking to explore earning opportunities in the gaming world, you’re on the right page. In this article, we’ll walk you through the top side hustles you can dive into to earn cash as a gamer.

Why not have a side hustle

Side hustling is familiar, as many individuals have multiple job positions. As a gamer, you could also turn your hobby into a side hustle, creating diverse income streams and financial security. You could gradually build it up as an alternative job if you don’t want to work the regular 9 to 5.

As a beginner, don’t expect to pocket as much money as gamers like Felix Kjellberg and Tyler Blevins, but you’re sure to get something tangible that could supplement your primary income stream. Another perk of turning your passion into a side hustle is that you learn faster. You’re forced to practise more and pick up new gaming skills that could take your side hustle to higher levels. Below, we have explored the top gaming side hustles.


Mike Manx turned his gaming passion into a side hustle by becoming a gaming coach, and today he earns up to $5,000 monthly. Michael Archer, Jake Sharwood, and Felipe Pastenes are other gamers who turned their hobby into video game coaching and are now making substantial amounts.

As a video game coach, you help beginners master the basics of a game. Your job is to teach new skills, put your students through the ins and outs of the game, and give them tips that can increase their winning rate.

However, to become a coach, you need to have a good grasp of what you’re teaching. In other words, you must be good at playing at least one popular video game, anything from FIFA 21 to World of Warcraft.

If you’re a well-known player, you can easily advertise your new side hustle and find trainees on your own. Self-promotion is much better, as you won’t pay extra fees for using a video coaching platform. However, if you don’t have an online presence as strong as other gamers’, use third-party platforms like Fiverr, GamerSensei, and Pro Guides.

You can set your charge whether you find trainees on your own or via third-party platforms. You could choose an hourly rate or per session, and you can set the exact amount you want for your services.

E-sports betting

In 2021, the worldwide eSports industry was worth $1.22 billion; by 2029, that number is expected to have increased to $5.48 billion. eSports has become so popular that online bookmakers offer odds for its events. In fact, some punters visit these sports betting sites just to bet on eSports games. With the number of gambling sites online, we advise that you read reliable casino reviews by Best50Casino.com to learn about the best gaming platforms.

If you’re an expert eSports gamer or you’re great at predicting the outcome of the games, then eSports betting is a great side hustle. Similar to sports betting, you simply have to place bets on what you think the result of that event will be. If your prediction is accurate, you get a payout based on the odds. Remember that this is not only backing a team but playing the odds, so there’s a fair chance of losing your bet.

You don’t need skills like Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel or Lee “Flash” Young Ho to bet on these games. All you have to do is register on an eSports betting platform, fund your account, and place your stakes. Sites like the ones mentioned above have bonuses you can claim to boost your bankroll.

Content Creator

With the rise of the internet and online platforms, content creation has become widespread. Gamers like Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, and Videogamedunkey have capitalised on the growth of content creation to earn extra money. Most of these individuals are full-time creators, but many started their journey as a side hustle.

The content creation space in the gaming industry is broad. You can opt for commentaries on videos where you upload clips of video gaming sessions and comment on them. Another option is to review the latest releases, telling players what to expect from that game and why it is a good or bad choice. If you’re an avid gamer, creating content about winning strategies for different games is a great option.

Another alternative is streaming your gaming sessions in real time. You can use multiple platforms for live streaming and uploads, the most popular being Twitch and YouTube. 

Keep in mind that you need to build a fan base to make the most of content creation, and you can only do this if you offer value. Remember that this is a competitive niche, and there has to be a reason why fans should pay attention to your channel. Being genuine and pleasant is one of the best bits of advice. That said, ensure you get the right gear, create quality content, and make room for interaction with your audience.

Gaming developer

A game developer is someone who creates gaming software. For this, you’d need to be skilled in graphics design or programming, and then you can choose if you want to work with a company or as a freelance developer.

Both positions have their perks and downsides. With a company, you’re sure of getting paid, regardless of your role. Most times, the more skilled you are, the better your position and the higher your pay. If you decide to freelance, you must put effort into searching for gigs and establishing a relationship with your client. You must also be particular about the platforms you search for jobs on. On the bright side, you could earn a lot more as a freelancer than when working with an organisation.

If you don’t have the basic skills to pursue this role, you can always learn them. Take courses to understand the scope of working as a game developer, practise what you learn, and in no time, and you’ll be skilled enough to be called a developer. Even if you’re not the person bringing the game to life, you could work with other developers on designing characters and coming up with new ideas to contribute to the development process.