We all love to play online video games and spend hours at a stretch on it. At times we also tend to get addicted, with continuous playing streaks thanks to our smartphones. However, with rapid technological advances in AI development, the sheer brilliance of certain games is sure to blow you away.

Especially with improved interfaces, games have become more interactive and engaging, in an intelligent way. So, why not use our interest in games to try out the ones that, in a way, boost our creative cells?

Here is a look at the top 5 games that lets you bring out your inner creativity.

1.  Big Brain Academy

With witty puzzles attributed to memory, analytical skills, critical thinking, and computing value, Big Brain is a cognitive challenge. It is available on a variety of platforms and allows multiplayer modes.

Not only does this game hone your problem-solving abilities, but at the same time encourages you to find creative solutions. 

Developed by Nintendo in 2005, this game has become immensely popular and has widely been regarded as an intelligence quotient for the smart ones.

2.  Minecraft

Released by Sandbox in 2009, Minecraft is an open-world game where players have the freedom to build just about anything using 3-D blocks.

The whole interface and three-dimensional blocks allow you to be as creative as you want. However, the precision of the building procedure is meticulous and is truly enjoyable.

From house to computers, in the Minecraft world, you are the master builder in charge!

3.  SimCity

SimCity has been a popular game since 1989. Here you can build your functional city. It’s fascinating to add all the features that a city needs to run properly.

You get to build things like power plants, roads, bridges, pumps, and also fix appropriate taxes. This game lets you be the architect, engineer, and builder at the same time and brings out your creative as well as analytical abilities.

4.  Fortnite Creative

Another building game, Fortnite Creative lets you build any structure anywhere on Earth. Along with that, in the game, you can also own  an island and structure it according to your wish.

It is a highly interesting game with powerful graphics and interactive multiplayer options. Fortnite is, no doubt, a creative journey through a virtual interface.

5.   Drawing Challenge Game

Although it’s a light-hearted children’s game, this drawing challenge is quite impressive. You have to draw doodles that an AI can recognize correctly. This game brings out the artist in you, in a virtual yet engaging way.

So if you are looking to indulge in something creative along with your kid, you might want to try this out once!

Concluding Remarks

Video games are very addictive and often leaves us playing mindless repetitive stuff. However, you can always choose to play something that sharpens your thinking skills.

These games let you be creative and at the same time makes the whole process a learning as well as enjoyable experience!