More and more people prefer to play online games through their mobile devices because it allows them to conquer the games they love even when in transit. The convenience of mobile gaming made several online games more popular. However, there are instances wherein players experience a disruption in their games, particularly when their internet access is unstable. This prompted developers to create games that can be played even without a Wi-Fi connection.

Hence, check below for some of those games that you can play regardless of the operating system of your device or their versions. 

Plants Vs Zombies

This game appeals to a wide range of audience, both young and old, because of its visually engaging graphics as well as easy-to-follow gameplay mechanics. Players need to conquer the zombies by growing plants with different powers unique to each species. If in case you fail to prevent the zombies from entering your territory, they will eat your brains out. As each level progresses, you will have access to more plants with special powers to kill more and stronger zombies.

Panther Moon

Panther Moon is an online slot game developed by Playtech. According to, Panther Moon is one of the best online slot games. Various online casino platforms offer this slot game and for 918Kiss in particular. Through these platforms, demo accounts are granted to the players, allowing them to test the games first before they actually play. Players will definitely not get enough of Panther Moon in the demo game because apart from the stunning adventures in the jungle, the high quality of graphics and brilliant sounds will make a player feel like a real treasure hunter.

Archery Master 3D

This is considered as one of the best 3D simulation games as it boasts of realistic graphics that provide players with a complete feel of the archery shooting experience. The gameplay mechanics are very simple, wherein the player just needs to shoot the arrow at a certain target to be able to win. However, the game has several levels of increasing difficulty, making the game challenging nonetheless.

Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water is a cool puzzle game that even kids will love. Developed by Disney Studios, players need to dig through dirt and make a pathway to allow the stored water to reach Swampy, the alligator who wants to take a shower. It may sound simple, but there are various obstacles that hinder Swampy from taking a shower, and there are even instances wherein the water must be routed through other pipes to flow through Swampy’s shower.

Angry Birds

This is another one of the most popular games available on mobile devices, even without a Wi-Fi connection. It is known for a very attractive gameplay mechanic wherein you need to protect your eggs from being tampered upon by green-colored pigs, using colorful birds are weapons. The popularity of this game led to the development of several spin-off versions, television series, movies, and even merchandise.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is another game that is well-loved by both children and adults alike. It is an intuitive physics-based puzzle game with the objective of feeding candy to a little green cute monster. The candy hangs by a rope or by several ropes that need to be cut with the swipe of the player’s finger. The candy must fall directly into the monster’s mouth, being able to pass through various obstacles such as floating bubbles. This game has a very addicting nature and fortunately enough, it is available on Android and IOS devices, even with a Wi-Fi connection.

Temple Run

There are only a few people who are not aware of this game. Temple Run has gained its popularity among a wide range of audience, simply because it is a visual treat, with an adrenaline twist. Players need to endlessly run through the game, jumping over and sliding under obstacles on their way. They can also collect coins for rewards or extra life in the game.

Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack is the perfect game if you simply want to leisurely pass the time. This is because the main objective of the game is for you to protect your swamp from the monsters which resemble those of zombies. It has garnered several positive reviews, with several people commending it for its simple yet addictive nature. Thus, it is one of those highly recommended mobile games that can be played even without a Wi-Fi connection.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

This game introduced 3D graphics to interactive video games. It is a third-person shooter game, which can fulfill the fantasies of those with a keen interest in crimes and gun battles. The gameplay mechanic is quite simple though, with the player completing missions and tasks to earn profits that he can use to upgrade himself in the game. The missions cannot be underestimated nevertheless, because these are quite challenging and surprisingly engaging, making the game addictive.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most favorite games nowadays, especially for kids and elders. This game by King is one of the most engaging games ever built for smartphone users. Perhaps the simple mechanics of the game, entailing the player to form a series of three similar candies from a matrix of sweets on the board, is what makes this game appeal to its audience. The game has several levels for the player to conquer, with each level having a different objective. Every time and again, King releases new versions of the game, with more levels for the players to complete.

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It can therefore be deemed that the advancements in modern technology truly made it possible for people to enjoy an easy-access form of entertainment through their mobile devices. While in the past, this entailed the need for people to have a reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection, these days, this is no longer necessary. This is because of several games that allow gamers to play continuously regardless of whether they have a Wi-Fi connection or not.