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Does your office lack the fun and excitement other workplaces have? While it might be tough to do things while working, lunch breaks can be turned into a fun exciting times where employees get together and play games. With board games, making a resurgence in society, there are plenty of fun and fast games to get everyone in the office excited. With their resurgence, the term board game has also changed. What qualifies as a board game?

Board games these days are defined as either more elaborate card style games, or games that use a traditional board. What this means is that there is a huge variety of board games available to be played in almost any setting. There are games available if you do not have a lot of space available at your work. There are games available if you do not have that much time. No matter what, you will be able to find yourself a game that will work for you and your coworkers so why not pick a few up and give them a try. You’ll find that morale and efficiency in the office will increase as people have fun with board games..

Here are some of the best games that you can bring into work in your office.


What better way to show off who’s smarter in the office than with a game of Scrabble. For those of you who are unsure of the rules, Scrabble revolves around unscrambling your letters to create a word, then placing it on the board for points. The longer your word and more uncommon letters you use, the more points you score. Losing is not an option for you here as you need to prove your intelligence. Fortunately for you, there are tools and apps you can use to rearrange the letters and give yourself an advantage in the game. All you need to do with these apps is put the letters you have into them, and they will then show you what words you can make and how many points you can get for making them. While this isn’t the fairest tactic, when office pride is on the line, you need to step up and do whatever it takes to win. Scrabble is always a fun game that can be played in your break room.

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Love Letter

Love letter is a new age board game that does away with a bulky setup and relies on a few tokens and cards to play. The game involves card counting, deception, and strategy, to figure out the identity of other players while keeping your own a secret. If your identity is determined or if your score is too low, you will find yourself eliminated from a round. Don’t worry about this though, as these rounds last only a few minutes and you’ll find yourself right back in the game. This is an amazing game to have at work because it tests everyone’s deception skills while also having a game that moves quickly and does not require a time limit. The winner of a round receives a token, and while most games go up to three to four tokens, you can play this for as long or as short as you want. If you want a fast game that you can quickly get going at work, Love Letter is the one for you.

Monopoly Deal

If you love monopoly, but are sick of the extremely long games, unfair trades, or bad luck from dice rolls, this is the game for you. Just like Love Letter, Monopoly Deal does away with the board and the dice and instead switches the game over to an entirely card involved variant. All your money, properties, hotels, and houses are represented by cards. To win this game, you have to collect three sets. While this might sound easy, there are plenty of chance cards that will appear along the way to thwart your attempts to win. If you are looking for a classic game with a modern twist, Monopoly Deal is a great game for you.

Board games are fun for everyone and the winners are often given a high amount of bragging rights. Don’t let yourself be the loser of any of these games and keep all the bragging rights to yourself. Don’t be afraid to do what’s necessary to win at Scrabble, have fun deceiving people at Scrabble, and hope your luck works out with the cards in Monopoly Deal. Regardless of the game you play, you are bound to have a ton of fun at work with these.