When you’re at work and it’s a slow day, it can get a bit dull when you’re not doing anything. Sometimes you’ve finished all your reports and the entire office has nothing to do. In fact, this is the perfect chance for all of you to sneak in a few gaming sessions without your employer finding out about it. Playing some games together can be perfect for those boring days. We’ve made a list of a couple that won’t let you down.

Blind Drawing

Instead of sitting around waiting to clock out and you’re luckily surrounded by some used paper that will just be thrown away later, then this is the perfect time to start drawing at the back of it, but don’t do it the normal way. The best way to do this together as a group is that you get a picture of something and the person who has the picture doesn’t show it to the person who is drawing. When you’re the one with the picture, you start explaining and describing what you see without telling them what it is. The person who’s drawing is to do his/her best to draw based on the description, doing it any way they want. This can be a very fun game and can lead to a lot of laughs.

Scrabble Time

Maybe it’s time to get everyone together in the break room or meeting room to play some scrabble when there’s nothing better to do; it’s a fun and very addictive crossword game where you come up with different words from the letter tiles that you have. It can be hard to unscramble these letters when you first get them, but there is a solution for that now; it’s a word helper tool that can keep your game going. You just need to type in the word that’s formed with the tiles you have, hit enter and watch the words unscramble before you. Your fun break in the meeting room doesn’t have to end prematurely and you don’t have to feel embarrassed that you can’t find a word to carry on with your round. This is the chance to see who the smartest person in the office is and, in case you are the winner, you can brag about it for months.

Hearthstone Matches

This is another amazing idea if you and a couple of your coworkers have the game installed on your phones; this is a card game app developed by Blizzard that has such a nice twist to the card game genre. The fantasy themes based on most of its iconic games make it very appealing; not to mention that the gameplay can get very addicting. So, when things are dull in the office, you could challenge your buddies at work for a match or two, showing off your newest deck that you assembled and seeing who is more talented in this addictive and fun card game. The game has a spectator feature too, so if there are two or three other colleagues that are interested to see the game, but they can’t leave their desk, they could join in using the “spectator mode” and enjoy the game too.

Song Formation Game

If most of you love music and can name a lot of songs and their lyrics, then this will be great. The game is simple: you take turns by choosing a letter in the alphabet and then you tell it to the person next to you. That person has to come up with a song name or a lyric. Then the twist is that the last letter of that name or lyric should be the next letter to be used and the person gives it to another one sitting with you. This game goes on and on and if someone doesn’t know a song or lyric, they could pass or ask for help. This is surely an interesting way to pass the time.

The Floor Is Lava

This is another hilarious game that can be interesting when played in the office space; the idea is that when someone tells you the floor is lava, then you need to find a way to get your feet off the floor. It can be so funny watching people stand on their chairs or jump on top of their desks.

Even though it’s good to work hard and be professional in the workplace, it wouldn’t hurt to play around a little bit if you and your colleagues have free time. It can make the day go by faster and you won’t feel bored out of your mind; it’s not like you were slacking off your tasks because there wasn’t any, to begin with. So, getting your coworkers together and playing for a bit can do you good and could strengthen your bond.