There are a lot of different ways to have fun and enjoy a good time. Some people like to go out and enjoy nature in the park. Others prefer indoor places and hit nightclubs. Then you have gamers, whose idea of fun is staying at home and playing video games for 12 hours straight –– and it is quite fun actually. While this is something you could try, there are other interesting games out there that could also be quite educational, like word games. They are as challenging as anything, and they require quite a lot of focus and skill on your end.

These are the top 5 word games for Android and iPhone users.

New York Times Crossword

It is rather fascinating how technology has evolved over the years. Now, you don’t need to pick up the latest New York Times for the crosswords; you can just get in on your Android or iPhone device! You get to access your favorite crossword game from anywhere with this app! You will also get the crossword a day in advance, which means you will get the newest offering before those who do it in the newspapers. It is not an easy game, though, and it will take quite a lot of skill to crack this crossword game. You also get the option for mini puzzles, as well as puzzle packs when you have a certain roadblock that you can’t overcome.

Words with Friends

If you happen to love word games in general, then you have probably already played this game. If you still haven’t, Word with Friends is one of the most interesting and intricate among its peers. It is a scrabble-like word puzzle game that you can play all by yourself, or you can even do it with friends. It is far from easy, though, and to unscramble these letters you come across, you might need some help from a word unscrambling tool. In any case, this is quite a fun game, with tens of thousands of words to challenge your knowledge and skills. It is also one of the oldest in the market –– Words with Friends has been around since 2009. There are certain modes in later versions where you could compete with your friends in team modes so that even adds more fun to an already exciting game.

Bonza Word Puzzle

This is one of the best word games available on Android and iOS, and it is a bit different from its peers. In this one, the catch is you have to piece together different fragments of the crossword, so it is definitely more complicated than your average crossword game. When you are arranging those pieces of words, the app will offer some clues and tips so you could solve the puzzle a bit faster. Bonza Word Puzzle also comes with a ton of cool features. For instance, you will have to leverage your trivia knowledge as well as jigsaw skills to actually do something in the game. You can even design and customize puzzle conventions.

Word Stacks

Word Stacks is a bit different in its gameplay, and it offers quite a unique experience. The words are already laid out here, on a board, but it is up to you to locate any hidden words by swiping on the screen. When you start doing so, the remaining blocks fall, which makes it very tricky because you need to be clever with your approach. If you removed the wrong letter, you could be eliminating an actual word and destroying your chances of winning the game. So, you have to strategically choose the right words that wouldn’t affect your chances afterward.

A Word Game

While the name of this one sounds a bit mysterious, the gameplay actually is simple yet interesting. You try to trace and locate certain words with the scrambled letters arranged in a hexagon. Fortunately, you get some hints as an option if things get too difficult. But the puzzles presented by the game will make you want to find the answer on your own because they are quite interesting and somewhat doable. You also get an option to compete with other players online, which is always a very cool feature to have in a word game.

There are a lot of word games out there, and these are just the most interesting. If you have never tried your luck with this type of game before, you definitely should. They might seem dull at first, but they are actually pretty interesting and challenging, and they provide quite an entertaining experience.