Sports betting has become a popular hobby for many Germans. Several million people feel more than comfortable on the player market, even though online betting providers have only been allowed in Germany since 2011. For some time now, there have also been bets for e-sports. In recent years, the video games industry has recorded an ever-increasing number of customers, especially for online games such as League of Legends, FIFA and DOTA. The number of players and the potential in the market became so large from a certain point in time that the first world championships could be held. The competitions are organized like real sports events on a grand scale, taking place in huge arenas in front of a large audience and countless other spectators watch the games from their homes in front of their TV screens. It was more or less a matter of course that the first bets on e-sports were soon offered. Electronic sports have firmly established themselves in the betting market due to many betting options, attractive odds and a new customer base for whom normal sports used to be too boring. The following article explains the basics of sports betting. It also explains what betting in real and virtual sports has in common and what tips and tricks there are for e-sports.

Sports betting in Germany

Sports betting has been around for a long time. They have a certain tradition. The Greeks already held bets on the Olympic Games in public. On the Internet, sports betting has been fully legal in Germany for several years. The only criteria a player has to meet are age of majority, knowledge about the sports as well as a few skills to recognize the right options. Before we go on to sports betting in e-sports, the basics of betting in sports are explained. The betting providers offer several sports. In the real world, there are about forty different sports, ranging from football to golf to surfing, Formula 1 and NASCAR racing. For all sports, there are also different leagues for each individual country. In Germany, for example, this is the Bundesliga, where betting is possible up to the fourth league. Of course, there is also the French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, American and Australian leagues – in short, sports betting is offered for both European and non-European leagues. Once you have selected a sport and a league, you will see the betting options. A betting option is an event, moment or result in a sporting event, such as the winner of a match or the winner of a race. This structure is identical for e-sports. There are different sports – in this sense these are the games – such as FIFA, LOL, COD, CS, or DOTA. There are also different leagues and competitions, such as the German E-Sports Bundesliga (DeSBL) or entire world championships. Bets can be placed on every single match and event, whether real or virtual.

The odds on e-sports and real sports bets

If you want to participate in betting, you will see a number in the last step of the process. The odds are the result of a statistical calculation of a sporting event and its possible events. The number is not only the basis for the calculation of the win, but also an indicator of the risk and probability of a bet. The more likely a bet option is, the lower the odds will be. This is the case, for example, when a favorite plays against an outsider. Then the betting option that the favorite wins has a lower odds and the betting option that the underdog wins the match has a high odds. This is the same for both real and e-sports. If the odds are high, there is a higher risk that the bet will not be successful. On the other hand, the profit margin is higher and much more attractive. This is the exciting and risky factor in sports betting. In order not to get confused with the odds and their expressiveness, it helps to imagine the following whole thought. There will be a lot of betting participants on the favorites, so the odds must be small, because otherwise every player would make a lot of profit and the tension factor would be zero.

Successfully place sports bets

The odds are therefore already a sign of how safe or how risky a bet is. The advice most often given by experienced bettors is to avoid the risk as far as possible. In fact, it is not worth betting only on risky betting options and losing most of the bets. The numbers of betting providers speak for themselves. In the long run it is more profitable to bet on smaller odds, which indicate safe betting options. In addition, the amounts bet should not be large, especially if you are new to the industry. To make successful bets, odds are a good first aid, but that’s not enough. Professional players use all the information they can find. As explained before, odds are calculated by calculating the statistical probability of an event. It goes without saying that everyone is able to research this data themselves. However, the analysis of the information covers all areas of a sport. If you want to place bets on e-sports, you have to look at all the teams, players, statistics and tables that you can find. General news about sport is also important. In real sports, for example, coaching changes or headlines from a player’s private life can have a direct impact on a team’s success. This is also the case with e-sports. Therefore, the most effective means and best tip to place successful bets on e-sports is to deal extensively with the topic of sport.

The platform to place bets on e-sports

In order to be able to place sports bets, you first need a betting provider. They can be found in large ones on the Internet. When searching, comparison portals are ideally suitable, in which all licensed bookmakers, so the betting providers are also called, are listed. There is also a function to be found for which individual criteria, for example the payment option with crypto currencies or betting options for e-sports are to be entered. Then the list will be re-sorted and you can have a closer look at the top hits. If you are out to make sports bets only on e-sports, all providers for this area can be found on On the platform you will find further topics about e-sports, tips and tricks as well as detailed test results and ratings for each individual betting provider. In addition to the comparison of bookmakers, advice from professional players can be found so that even beginners are able to place successful bets on e-sports from the very beginning.


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