The Witcher 3 Cheats, Codes, PC Console Commands & Secrets

The Witcher 3 Cheats, Codes, PC Console Commands & Secrets

Have you ever wondered which are the Witcher 3 cheats and how you can make use of them to improve your performance while playing this game?

The following Witcher 3 cheats provided are expected to work for users that open the Command Console and start using it. It is important to mention that Witcher 3 cheats PC would only have an effect as long as the Command Console is activated, which was hidden by developers pre-launch.

You will have to instal and enable the console in order to type witcher 3 cheats during the time you are playing.

List of The Witcher 3 Cheats PC

In this list, you will find The Witcher 3 cheats that would be very useful to improve your skills while playing this game.

Character Commands:

  • setlevel(#) = Allows you to set the level of the player. Example: setlevel(11)
  • addexp (#) = It adds to the character the specified amount of experience points. Example: addexp(20000)
  • levelup: The player will advance one level
  • learnskill(skill) = it would allow the character to learn a specific skill. Example: learnskill(sword_s3)
  • seatattoo(0) = it removes tattoo from Witcher 2 save
  • seatattoo(1) = it enables tattoo from Witcher 2 save
  • shave = It removes Geralt’s facial hair if you do not like it
  • setbeard(1) = if you like beard, this will grow a beard on Geralt
  • Cat(1) = this cheat enables night vision
  • Cat(0) = this disables the night vision

These are just some of the Witcher 3 cheats. However, there are more that you can implement. These ones will be for the player.

Player Commands:

  • Ciri = it switches the player character to Ciri
  • healme = it refills Geralt’s HP bar
  • god = you are invincible
  • Geralt= you revert the player character to Geralt

The Witcher 3 Cheats PC include inventory commands that would also make the whole gaming experience easier.

Inventory Commands:

  • additem(name,#) = it adds the designeted items to the inventory. Example: additem (Bear Armor 1,3)
  • removemoney (#) = it removes a specific number of Crowns. Example: removemoney (4)
  • addmoney(#) = it adds a specific amount of Crowns. Example: addmoney (90000)

There are more Witcher 3 cheats that can be implemented by users.

Map Commands:

  • gotoPrologWinter = it allows you to fast-travel to White Orchard
  • gotoProlog = it transports you immediately to White Orchard
  • gotoNovigrad = it helps you move to Novigrad
  • gotoSkellige = you immediately go to Skellige Isles
  • gotoKaerMorhen = as the name suggests, it allows you to directly go you to Kaer Morhen
  • ShowAllFT(1) = it allows you to discover all Signposts
  • ShowPins(1) = you will now discover all map icons and areas

In-Game Commands:

  • makeitrain = it changes the weather to a stormy weather
  • stoprain = it stops the rain
  • killall = with this command you will kill all enemies that are engaged in combat.
  • spawn(name,#) = it spawns a specific amount of NPCs. Example spawn(bear_grizzly,50)

GWENT Commands:

  • secretgwint = it immediately plays a round of Gwent anywhere you are
  • winGwint(#) = it wins the current Gwent game with a specific number of power points
  • additem(card,#) = it adds a specified number of desired Gwent cards. Example: additem(gwint_card_werewolf,10)
  • addgwintcards = It adds on of every Gwent cards to the deck you have

These are the Witcher 3 cheats that will be very important for you to deal with the game and have a unique experience while playing.