When you’re searching for the perfect mouse for gaming, you should consider getting one that is durable, comfortable, and has multiple buttons for better key-binding purposes. But most of the time, mice can be very annoying and loud when it comes to the constant clicking noises that come with using it. So if you want the perfect mouse that doesn’t annoy anyone, it should be a noiseless and silent one.

The Advantages of a Silent Gaming Mouse

A product that’s fit for gamers all over the world should be convenient, comfy, and have features that can help them play their games perfectly. Here are some of the good things that you can get from owning one:

Noiseless Clicking

This is probably the biggest selling point for a product like this; getting quieter clicks means your gaming sessions can go on to the middle of the night without problems. You can learn more about it when you click here and check what the latest models have in store for gamers; both main buttons are super silent, and no one would be bothered at all from annoying clicking sounds, especially during late nights.

Complete Comfort

Another great thing about a silent mouse is how comfortable it is when you’re using it; the upper part with the buttons is made out of soft rubber that feels nice when you’re clicking for hours on end. Also, these models have a subtle thumb and pinky rest so you can place your fingers normally without dragging against the mouse pad for too long that it irritates your skin.

The Extra Buttons

This is great for gamers in particular because you always need ways to make your experience more convenient; most models have 6 buttons in total, but sometimes it can be more. Other than the two main left and right buttons, you have the DPI button, scroll wheel button, and the forward and back button if you’re browsing or need extra key-binds. Some people love having more buttons because it gives them the freedom to set all the key-bind macros they want when they’re playing their games.


Another reason why these types of gaming mice are appealing is that they’re designed to be cordless, so you just need your Nano receiver that you plug into your USB port and you’re all set. It gives you a lot of freedom to move around and it makes this a lot easier.

Bottom Slide Pads

Each mouse has 5 slide pads that make it perfect for when there’s no mouse pad; it slides perfectly well and there is no issue or hard friction points that could hinder your movement as you play.

The Disadvantages of a Silent Gaming Mouse

Nothing is perfect and without flaws, so as much good that this mouse brings to the table, it does have some notable flaws that might contribute to people’s decision to purchase one:

The Size

Although the design of the mouse itself is great for most gamers, some people like to have a firm grip on the whole thing with their hands. The body of the mouse isn’t too small or too big, but it’s not good enough for a full grip. It’s only good for claw gripping gamers that don’t use their full hand to use it.


The mouse does not come with a software that installs itself to your PC or laptop, it’s instantly ready to go once you plug it in; this might be good for some gamers but most hardcore ones need a software so they can edit and modify any DPI settings and lower down the lighting features that come with the mouse.

The Scroll Wheel

Unlike the other buttons, the scroll wheel button isn’t silent and it’s loud like any normal mouse. This isn’t a huge problem but since you use the wheel often, it can make the silent purposes a little unachievable when you play.

Mostly for Righties

Sadly, most designs for the models don’t come with one for a lefty, so that can cause issues for a lot of gamers who use their left hands to play. This is inconvenient because if they’re left-handed then they can’t use most silent gaming mice.

If you’re usually gaming at night and you don’t want random inanimate objects getting thrown at you, then you should invest in a decent silent gaming mouse; it would be a lot better if they’re wireless too to give you more freedom. This product is worth every penny according to the best gamers in the world.