Planes are the fastest means of transportation and they get us from one place to the other much quicker than trains and cars. Comfort and convenience are the price to pay for the benefits of superior speed, with passengers being crammed into rather small spaces for the duration of the flight. Long-haul flights are taxing and in the absence of a reliable source of entertainment, passengers get bored and frustrated. Mobile devices are great at killing time, but in order to make the most of handheld gadgets, we need to be connected to the Internet. There are certain companies offering in-flight wi-fi, but they represent a small minority and the Internet connection speed leaves a lot to be desired

What companies offer Wi-Fi in-flight?

US airlines spearhead the in-flight Wi-Fi offensive, currently offering this perk in some of their domestic flights. The sheer size of the country justifies the investment, as those traveling from coast to coast spent quite a few hours on board. International flights are even more likely to have Wi-Fi in-flight, as the airlines try to achieve a competitive edge over their rivals. Given the novelty and the surging popularity of this service, companies go to great lengths to advertise it to prospective travelers.

The main downside of in-flight Wi-Fi is that the service is rarely included in the cost of the ticket. Instead, travelers are expected to pay a small amount for the privilege of connecting to the Internet while in the air. This action is justified by the costs of installing the equipment on board, but it is still a bit frustrating for travelers. On the bright side, they can choose from one of the many packages available, as they can spend 15 minutes or more connected.

Low-speed plagues in-flight Wi-Fi

This is a new technology and playing online casino games on-board can be difficult, so nobody expects speeds comparable to what classic Wi-Fi offers in brick-and-mortar locations. In fact, Internet on planes is sometimes excruciatingly slow and logging into an online casino and loading an online poker tournament can take forever and it all depends on the number of people that connect simultaneously. The prospect of paying for Wi-Fi is annoying when you want to just play some free casino games to kill some time, but the prizes are rarely prohibited, so the vast majority of the passengers can afford this service. If you manage to tap into some fast Wi-Fi then check out this new casino sites list for 2020 here. As a result, there are plenty of people connected simultaneously, which puts a lot of pressure on the network.

The airlines installing the antenna and the gear necessary for in-flight Wi-Fi use decent equipment, but rarely go for the top-of-the-line technology. As long as people use the connection to read newspapers or browse regular websites, the Internet connection should be fast enough. On the other hand, playing online casino games can be a problem because of the high latency and the risk of getting disconnected. The good news is that some online casinos have specialized apps that can be downloaded to try the games offline. These can only be enjoyed on play money, but they are just as entertaining, so they get the job done.