Japan is a fountain for the delivery of unique entertainment that can be tied to the region despite where it is being viewed. One of the many products from the area are visual novels, and Key company promises a comeback in the coming year. The company revealed its interests on its official website to return to the niche with Heaven Burns Red, which is their latest instalment.

Jun Maeda, the leading name behind the creation of Heaven Burns Red, has not been in the visual novel business for about thirteen years. Nonetheless, the prowess of his previous works allows the game developer to make a full swing comeback from creating slots at topnzcasinos.co.nz/, which has been met with a lot of praise. The game is expected to outdo Maeda’s last release, Little Busters, which still ranks high to date. The creation of Heaven Burns Red involves other creative minds, the most notable of them being Yuugen and Na-Ga. The former is well known in the anime field for running several successful projects while the latter even worked with Jun Maeda in Little Busters. Na-Ga is also a recurring name in other Key productions like Angel Beats and Charlotte.

The Storyline

Key has yet to reveal the storyline that will be followed by Heaven Burns Red, but one can guess that it has some form of a strong bond at its core to hold it together. All Maeda revealed was that it was a title that gamers would enjoy considering its immersive storyline that inspires empathy, and even maybe some tears. Some of the directions it might take with the storyline include:

  • Family: The theory of family and a love bond is supported by looking at Jun Maeda’s previous works. In most of his visual novels, the Heaven Burns Red creator focuses strongly on maternal bonds. Titles like Clannad, Kanon, and Air all carry this link. The love between a father and child has only ever appeared in Clannad, and even then, the maternal bond outshone it with only the surface being scraped.
  • Crying game theme: Jun Maeda’s melancholic exploration began with the Moon visual novel, and the designer delved further down that road and even named it the crying game. These sets are meant to evoke a tremendous emotional response from players to make a lasting impact on them. Players interact with the game characters well enough to relate to their joy and sadness. Considering Jun Maeda expects a tear or two from gamers, it is easy to see that Heaven Burns Red will tread a similar direction.
  • Music: Music plays a significant role in role-playing games like Heaven Burns Red. Maeda’s previous releases explored this addition, and the developer has already hinted that this new product will have a classic collection of its own. Key plans to tell its fans about the vocal music used for every month until the game is made officially available. Gamers can keep track of the music release by following Key’s official website.

Mobile Accessibility

Heaven Burns Red is expected to reach the same high delivery as other Key productions, especially those that have been worked on by Jun Maeda. This expectation is fueled by the fact that the game is specially created for smartphone and tablet users. Previously, the designer provided games that were accessible to PC gamers. On his post that told of his return with Heaven Burns Red, Maeda sited the massive shift from PC to mobile gambling the reason why they opted for a game that serves Android and iOS users. The creator tells of how desktop computer gambling currently stands as a lost niche and does not generate impressive returns. Therefore, they are moving with technology not only to meet the current needs of gamers but also ensures that Key survives the current competitive times.

Other Works by Jun Maeda

As mentioned earlier, Jun Maeda has had great success in the creation of role-playing games. The game designer is even considered the pioneering force behind visual novels. Maeda has numerous achievements to his name to date, despite not having released a set in the past thirteen years. Even so, his comeback has generated a lot of buzz in the gaming world of visual novels. Some of those that mark earlier successes for the man include:

Each of these games offers different experiences and take players on varying adventures. However, at the core, they are all meant to relate with players on a deeper level than just gameplay by incorporating immersive storylines.

Closing Thoughts

Heaven Burns Red is set to release in 2020, and it will mainly target the Japanese market. Players can be ready to access the game on their smartphones and tablets that run on either Android or iOS operating systems.