I just found out about The Impossible Test, an amazingly challenging puzzle game available for iPhone and Android devices that comes with some incredibly smart and sometimes frustratingly impossible challenges. If you get stuck during the game, though, you should not worry as I am here to share with you a walkthrough for The Impossible Test Water with all the answers and solution to all levels and challenges.

In order to make things easier, I have a walkthrough video for The Impossible Test Water to share with you below and if that’s not enough, I have the text solution too below the video so that you will have no problem beating the game.

The Impossible Test Water Video Walkthrough:

The Impossible Test Water Text Walkthrough:

1. Hit the taller sea urchin
2. *Write down the secret number, you will need it later!*
3. Eat fish from right to left
4. Move the pink egg and touch tadpole
5. Put bubbles from largest to smallest in jar
6. Swipe bomb to right. *Write down the bomb number!!*
7. Draw the word ‘submarine’ into the water
8. Flip your device, and then touch the anchor many times, then touch ‘continue’
9. Flip it back, then drag the sand into the square, then drag the bucket into the square
10. Touch the castle
11. Touch ‘smallest fish’, then the small fish will appear
12. Touch the sharks eye
13. Shake your device, then tap the pearls
14. Touch the word ‘whale’
15. Keep your finger away from the crab
16. Touch each fish that pops up
17. Drag the word ‘star’ onto the fish
18. Touch ‘odd one’, then touch the purple jellyfish
19. Spell ‘octopus’, then touch the word ‘octopus’ after
20. Touch the turtle
21. Touch the word ‘oxygen’, then touch the PSI metre
22. Touch the word ‘whirlpool’, then shake your device
23. Click the bombs until they disappear
24. Drag the screen until you can touch the boat
25. Touch the sand
26. Flip your device over, then drag the fish to the left side
27. Put in the secret number – I hope you wrote it down.
28. Expand the blowfish with your fingers outwards
29. Hold it for around 10 seconds, then let go just before 10 seconds
30. Put in the number that was on the bomb. (220228)
31. Draw the word ‘gold’ to G, ‘silver’ to S, and ‘bronze’ to B

Lots of Kudos goes to 138riley138 for creating this amazing guide and helping us beat The Impossible Test Water.