The thrill of entertainment is always bigger when you are on the go. That’s why the slots mobile market continues to grow in popularity over the last years. Quite convenient, every slot provider out there is now making sure that their releases are portable on the different mobile platforms including Android, iOS, and Tablet. Hard to believe, it is predicted that almost 50% of the gambling population in the UK will have played slots on their mobile devices by the end of 2019.

The Slots Industry in 2019

Thousands of free slots no download no registration are coming your way in 2019. Some of the anticipated releases of 2019 that will be featured on the mobile platforms include Macho Moves by Micro Gaming, Bonnie and Clyde from Red Rake Gaming, Gem Machine by Bally Technologies, Egyptian Fortune by Pragmatic Play, Glory and Britannia by Playtech, Ecuador Gold by ELK, and virtually every other slot game released in 2019. In a world whose connectivity is dominated by mobile devices, no slot provider would want to miss out on the slots mobile market which is promising an even greater future for the slots industry.

The slots mobile market has come a long way

According to a 2016 statistical study, the estimated total Gross Gambling Yield for 2019 is 130 billion dollars. Considering how things are including the introduction of the slots mobile market which will generate even more revenue, experts are saying that this might actually be an underestimation.

Interactive gamblers, especially on the mobile platform, are on the rise. In the 2016-2017 period, for instance, the GGY from the online gambling industry alone grew from an estimated figure of 47 billion dollars to 53 billion dollars. This is a 6 billion dollar increase in a period of 1 year. Keeping in mind that this is the period when the slot mobile market grew most in popularity, around 20% of this generated revenue could have been from the slots mobile market.

Countries that are leading the way

Australia is one of the jurisdictions where the slots mobile market is growing at a very fast rate. Here’s a performance of different countries on an individual scale:

· Australians: $916 per person

· Singaporeans: $891.16 per person

· Americans: $505.44 per person

· Ireland: $490.39 per person

· The UK: $377.83 per person

The growth in technology is the largest contributing factor to these per capita losses. Residents in these countries have a particular liking for online slots gambling. With this in mind, the larger part of the income lost could have been from mobile slots gambling. Also important to note from these statistics, the Aussies are towering over all the other contenders in the list. This is a clear indication that Australia will have a role to play in the mobile slots industry.

Continent-wise, Europe is leading the way. In 2015, Europe contributed up to 47.6% of the £34.6 billion that was generated by the online gambling industry. This might not come as a surprise to anyone because Europe is the leading continent when it comes innovation geared to protecting the online casino consumer.

What’s behind the slots mobile market

The rise of interactive/social gaming is behind the firm establishment of the slots mobile market today. Since its introduction, online slots have always being on the rise.

In 2015, for instance, the estimated gamers worldwide were a whopping 173 million. A year later in 2016, the global interactive market was estimated at $3.81 billion. Growing with a CAGR of 4%, the estimated value was $4.4 billion by 2017. Using this growth rate as a basis, the interactive gaming industry, the slots mobile included, could currently be about $5.2 billion in value.

Even more promising is the entire casino industry. In 2017, for instance, the estimated value was $635 billion dollars. By 2022, the growth of the casino industry in the US alone is expected to hit 21 billion and 4 billion in the UK. These two figures alone only account for about 6% of the estimated casino industry growth during this period.

This is a huge growth probably never seen before but practically most of it is occurring in the online domain. The land casinos are on a serious down-run much like it has been in the past years. With mobile slots, the latest introduction into the slot market, we can only assume that the online slots industry will continue to dwarf land-based slot machines.

Legalization of the slots mobile gaming in main gaming territories

Mobile gaming has experienced mind-blowing growth in some countries such as Australia, Canada, and the UK. Let us compare how these jurisdictions regulate the mobile slots markets.

In Australia, it is illegal for an Australian-based online casino to offer mobile slot services to the Aussies. It is, however not illegal for companies from overseas to offer these services. Also important to note, the regulation of online gambling activity among the residents is a responsibility of the individual provinces through separate bodies.

In Canada, there is a lot of contradiction surrounding the entire mobile slots market. As it stands, it is illegal for a Canadian to found in a betting house or even operate one. There is a lot of contradiction to whether online casinos are regarded as betting houses. Today, online casinos operating in Canada are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Kahnawake, an Indian reserve right outside Montreal, does not conform to the Canadian Laws.

Finally, the mobile slots market is quite straightforward in the UK. On top of being legal, the mobile slots market is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. All casino operators must obtain an operating license from the UKGC.

The future of the online slots mobile gaming

Currently, there is arguably no market in the world that can match the growth and dive of the online slot industry into new territories. Innovation is taking firm ground in the entire world and slots are taking advantage of every new technology.

In the future, we can expect to see some of the most recent innovations being incorporated into the slot world. We cannot quite tell the kind of slot games that will be available in the future but most certainly, they will be played on the most advanced technology such as Virtual Reality (VR).


From the look of things, the gambling industry is thriving like never before. The mobile slots markets will accelerate this growth to record levels because the number of players playing on mobile is on the up.

Although regulation issues have caused the overall gambling industry to develop slower in some jurisdictions, the online world could be the solution. This is because the internet has been known to bypass jurisdictional restrictions. Considering that the mobile platform is the most accessed platform on the entire planet, the mobile slots market is the future of the online slot world.