Since Dota appeared, a lot of players were amazed by the beauty of MOBAs. People started selling skins, accounts and now more people are getting into dota 2 betting. Why though, you might ask. Mostly because its easy to win if you’re a passionate player that know all the team. In fact, all you need is dota 2 bet website to start – such as

Small Guide on Betting on Dota Matches

There are a lot of websites that offer the possibility of betting on dota 2 matches. The first step is identifying a few of those legit casinos that are online for a while, have great reviews and be sure they pay their users. Check also if they have a license, that’s also an important thing that you need to be sure about before settling to one.

Now you probably have 2-3 options left. Here you need to check what payment options do they accept. If those are limited and your favorite option is not there, you better find another one that does. If all of them accept you favorite paying option, that’s perfect – it means we have only one step.

Finding the best odds. This is something gamblers enjoy a lot. Odds are different from website to website and you might actually get into a situation where the odds have such a difference that you can get a profit no matter who’d win. That’s called ‘arbitrage betting’ and there are a lot of people that do this.

Remember, when you try a website for the first time – don’t put a lot of money in it as no matter how respectable it might look – they might not be that great. Finding a good Dota 2 bet website is the first thing you should do. The second one is to deposit a small amount and test it for a few days and see how it goes. If everything’s alright, you got yourself a way to make some extra cash for getting the best skins that you love.

Remember to gamble carefully, sometimes dota 2 betting can get quite competitive and addicting.


Take time and test out the platforms out there for dota 2 betting. There are a few that are trustworthy, but others that are not. Globally, eSports betting reached a billion dollars in revenue in 2018. The experts estimate that in the future, this will be at least a 10 billion dollars market as more and more people like to gamble on eSports.