Finally, Zynga has decided to give us the chance to increase the size of our Cafes in Cafe World but unlocking the Astounding cafe expansion in the game won’t be an easy job: we’ll have to complete a new series of missions first. We are talking here about The Astounding Cafe Expansion missions which will most likely take some time before being finished. But let’s find out more about them in the guide below!

Astounding Expansion 1
– Have the Lavish Cafe Expansion
– Serve 10 Artichoke Dips
– Ask for 5 Hammers

Astounding Expansion 2
– Serve 20 Beef Skewers
– Ask for 10 Bricks
– Ask for 5 Nails

Astounding Expansion 3
– Spice 10 of your Neighbors’ Stoves
– Serve 30 Sweet Potato Souffles
– Ask for 15 Bricks

Astounding Expansion 4
– Master Baklava to Level 1
– Serve 45 Eggys in Baskets
– Ask for 15 Hammers

Astounding Expansion 5
– Mastery Baklava to Level 2
– Serve 40 Baklava
– Ask for 15 Nails

Astounding Expansion 6
– Master Baklava to Level 3
– Serve 50 Philly Cheesesteaks
– Ask for 5 Cans of Paint

Completing this last mission will unlock for you the Astounding Cafe expansion in Cafe World (the 16×18 cafe!)

Have you started these missions yet? What do you think about them?