Got bored by seeing the same horizon/landscape each time you log in to play FarmVille? Zynga has found a solution to make you happier and add some variety into play in the game: they have released a set of new horizons (or landscapes, call them as you wish) in FarmVille and they are pretty cool. The only problem is that we must pay real money for a different view when we log in to the game.

Here are the new landscapes that you can purchase in FarmVille, at a price of 50 Farm Cash each:

FarmVille Beach Theme – 50 Farm Cash
FarmVille Desert Theme – 50 Farm Cash
FarmVille Fall Theme – 50 Farm Cash
FarmVille Snow Theme – 50 Farm Cash
FarmVille Tuscan Theme – 50 Farm Cash

What do you think? Will you purchase these new horizons for your FarmVille farm or say pass this time?


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