A feature that Treasure Isle players have been asking for for ages has finally been released in the game by Zynga: the ability to store our Relics and/or trained animals in order to free up some extra valuable space on our islands. I am here to tell you everything about the Treasure Isle Island Museum and how it works, so read on this guide and enjoy!

The good news is that the Island Museum is automatically added to your Treasure Island menu, so you don’t have to build anything! In order to access it and its features, simply click the storage icon and you’ll see the museum there.

By default, the Island Museum has 3 open spaces in which you can store any Relic or Trained Animal, but there are three extra spots that can be opened either by asking your friends for Museum Grands (5 are required to unlock one slot) or by purchasing them with cash.

In order to store items in the Treasure Isle Island Museum, you only have to click on them (either relics or Trained animals) and you’ll be allowed to select the “Store item” option from the menu. It costs 10,000 coins to place an item in the Island Museum, but it’s a small price we have to play for some extra space.

Once in storage, the Relics can be still harvested from the Island Museum menu, while Trained Animals can still send us to the unlocked maps. So basically it’s no loss for us – we just win a lot of extra space on our islands.

What do you think about the release of the Island Museum in Treasure Isle?