After sharing with you yesterday the list of Mafia Wars 2 Bluebird Meadows missions, now it’s time to move one step further and to check out all the missions and rewards in the Badlands Arena. So read on to find out everything about the Mafia Wars 2 Badlands Arena missions and the rewards you get for completing them! And don’t forget to share this article with your friends, so that they too can enjoy the knowledge.

Travel To Badlands Mission
– Travel to the Badlands fight arena.
Tips: Badlands arena can be found under the brass knuckle tab on the travel menu.
Reward: 23 XP, 84 Cash.

The New Kid In Town Mission
– Win 8 fights in the Badlands arena.
Tips: Better weapons, armor and power-ups can really give you an edge in combat.
Reward: 23 XP, 84 Cash.

Insult To Injury Mission
– Rob rivals 15 times.
Tips: You can quick travel to a rivals turf by clicking on their dead body.
Reward: 23 XP, 84 Cash.

Movin’ On Up Mission
– Lay 15 rivals to rest in the Badlands.
Tips: As your level increases, you will see higher level opponents appear in the fight arenas.
Reward: 23 XP, 84 Cash.

Next Bracket Mission
– Kill 20 more rivals in the Badlands to work your way up to Bonecrusher.
Tips: Winning fights in the Badlands will give you more tokens than in the Boneyard.
Reward: 23 XP, 85 Cash.

Crushin’ Bones Mission
– Kill Bonecrusher.
Tips: Bosses can be tough to beat. Invite your friends to help you out so you don’t have to use so much energy!
Reward: 31 XP, 113 Cash.

Paint The Town Red Mission
– Kill 30 rivals in the Badlands.
– Rob rival’s home turfs 30 times.
Tips: When you kill someone in a fight arena, they will be given the chance to retaliate. Be ready to fight!
Reward: 24 XP, 87 Cash, 9 Energy.

The Best Offense Mission
– Visit some of your crew.
– Help out on your crew’s Home Turfs.
Tips: When you get robbed, friends can help you get rid of the invasion.
Reward: 24 XP, 89 Cash.

And these are the Badlands Arena missions that you have to complete in Mafia Wars 2. As always, thanks to fbgamesdiary for creating this amazing list of missions!


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