I am sure that all the Mafia Wars 2 players are dreaming to get their pockets full of Gold (or Gold Bars), the premium currency that is normally available in the game for real money only. I am here, however, to share with you some tips and tricks to get more Mafia Wars 2 gold legally from Zynga – and be warned, all the websites that promise you hundreds or thousands of Gold Bars in the game are scams! Only Zynga can offer Gold for Mafia Wars 2.

Now back to the promise, here is how to get some extra Gold Bars in Mafia Wars 2:

From the toolbar of the game, click the “Earn Gold” tab and you will see 6 offers (at least that’s how many they were at the moment of writing). Completing these offers will reward you with various amounts from 3 free gold to 160 free gold. You will have to purchase stuff or complete tasks in order to get the Gold rewards from Zynga, but that’s the way to do it.

If you don’t like that, you could always purchase more Gold in Mafia Wars 2 by clicking the Add Gold & Cash link – or you could wait for some special deals from the developers, they will certainly start Gold promotions really soon!