In Spec Ops The Line, there are 23 Intel pieces to be collected while you play and I am here to share with you the locations for all of them. This guide will prove extremely helpful for those who love to get as many achievements as possible, as well as those who like to get the most out of their game.

So let’s check out the exact Intel locations in Spec Ops The Line (with the mention that in Chapters 8 and 11 there is NO intel to be found).

Chapter 1 Intel Locations
Intel 1: At the start of the level, you will find it taped on a board near a truck. You will find this when fighting against the rebels (and one of your teammates says that these are rebels).

Intel 2: It’s an orange bag that you will find if you walk under the plane, inside the cargo hold.

Chapter 2 Intel Locations
Intel 3: On the pier, where is the big blue umbrella. On a table near it, you will find the documents with a smiley face on.

Intel 4: It’s a small videotape that you will find on the ground of the TV Station, after you get down the stairs (near some big cameras)

Chapter 3 Intel Locations
Intel 5: On the floor, when one of your teammates asks if you should talk to the people again.

Chapter 4 Intel Locations
Intel 6: On the ground in a hallway when one of your teammates says that somebody was living there.

Intel 7: Photos on a table after you get down in the CIA office.

Chapter 5 Intel Locations
Intel 8: On the ground, in the Sky Wadi gym’s room.

Intel 9: In a room in the top apartment.

Chapter 6 Intel Locations
Intel 10: Near the US flag, there is a table with the intel on it.

Chapter 7 Intel Locations
Intel 11: Near the corpses outside, there is a STOP sign: there you will find this intel.

Intel 12: You can’t miss this, it’s near the sniper rifle, on the ground.

Chapter 9 Intel Locations
Intel 13: At the start of the mission, the American flag hanging in the meeting room.

Chapter 10 Intel Locations
Intel 14: On a table inside a big white tent

Intel 15: After Riggs shoots the two soldiers, you will find this on the table. You must pick this intel now or you won’t be given a second chance!

Chapter 12 Intel Locations
Intel 16: In the apartment you zip line into, you will find it on the ground near some electronics equipment.

Intel 17: Under the sink of the Radioman’s bathroom.

Chapter 13 Intel Locations
Intel 18: After passing the destroyed plane, look to the left and see the intel in a can.

Intel 19: After dealing with the locals, you will find this intel on a shrine.

Chapter 14 Intel Locations
Intel 20: After the turret scene, go in the room to the left to find the intel.

Intel 21: Look for the US flag taped on the soldier’s memorial to find this intel piece.

Chapter 15 Intel Locations
Intel 22: Find it on a table in the apartment.

Intel 23: When you go upstairs in the apartment, you will find it near the bed.

Hopefully this guide to Spec Ops The Line Intel Locations was helpful and you managed to find all the intels in the game after reading this guide!