The hype of the Alice in Wonderland movie has long gone but that doesn’t stop Restaurant City from releasing new Wonderland items. This new theme lets the player decorate their restaurant and turn it into a Tea Party.

There are two new Wonderland recipes player to be learned this week. They are Drink Me and the Tea Cakes Selection. Because of the new recipes, players get free Strawberry ingredient but only for a 24 hour period.

For indoor decorations, you can purchase the Wingback Chair (2,400 coins), Tea Table (1,350 coins), Tea Cakes Tower (850 coins), Flamingo (1,100 coins), White Rabbit (4,600 coins), March Hare (9,500 coins), Tea Party Décor (23,000), Wonderland Tile (35 coins each), and Wonderland Wallpaper (2,500 coins).

For outdoor decorations, new Wonderland items include the Alice Roof (23,000 coins), Cheshire Cat (30,000 coins), Singing Flowers (1,700 coins), Tweedledum and Tweedledee (4,000 coins), May Pole (4,500 coins), Red Rose Bush (5,000 coins), and Card Army (8,000 coins).

If you have some Playfish Cash, you could buy the Queen of Hearts for 8 Playfish Cash and the Mad Hatter for 6 Playfish Cash. While most of the items can’t be used in other themes, these are definitely collector’s items for Alice in Wonderland fans playing Restaurant City.