I have just wrote a review of Battle Punks and now it’s time to share some of my experience with you in this short (but complete) article: tips and tricks for playing the game as well as a strategy guide that will help you defeat as many opponents as possible, and level up fast. So fasten your seat belts and read Unigamesity’s Battle Punks Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide!

General Gameplay

The game uses Java as an engine (unlike most of the other Facebook games that use Flash), so you might run into some problems with the game. If you have problems with the game, please take a look at our article: How to solve Battle Punks problems on Facebook.

How to choose the best opponent

You are given three enemies to fight against, but if you lose a fight you must get a new set of opponents. Therefore, it would be wise to start with the weakest enemy at first:

– check out their Fame first (the number near the star) – the lower it is, the bigger your chances are
– check out their level (obviously, lower levels are easier to beat than higher levels) and their equipment. Your opponent’s equipment is shown at the bottom of the screen and you can see exactly what weapons, armor and boosts they have by hovering your mouse over the icons.

How to get more coins

Unfortunately, you can only get free Battle Punks coins by winning or taking part into fights. The amounts vary so don’t expect to become rich overnight (unless you wish to pay real money to get the coins). Also, you get rewarded for logging in and battling for a consecutive number of days and the bigger the number, the bigger the rewards.

How to level up faster

In Battle Punks you only level up based on your fighting success – you get more experience for defeating higher level players and you can get no experience for losing in front of a lower level character. So make sure you wisely pick your opponents having in mind that you still get XP if you fight against a higher level player!

General Battle Punks Tips & Tricks

– For the first few levels, don’t spend your coins on anything else but gear and boosts. You need to win battles, not to look good!
– when it comes to choosing weapons, opt for two handed ones first since they make the most damage; if you only have or wish to use one handed weapons, make sure to combine them with shields. I have it’s common sense that you should always have the highest level weapon and armor in your backpack!
– always have a health potion equipped. Health is of extreme importance in the game!
– don’t waste coins getting new opponents. You can still get loot, money and experience even if you lose a fight!
– add neighbors – they increase your maximum energy, and energy is needed for fights!

And the most important tip: have fun! Don’t expect to become the best Battle Punk in just a couple of days. Social games require time from your side so sit back, relax and enjoy your ride!