Are you on a mission to get a killer animated logo for gaming? Hold on! There’s no need to google ‘How do I animate my logo?’, there are pretty cool online tools that allow you to animate a logo without closing your browser. Keep reading this short guide and you’ll realize that in no time, with an animated logo design, all eyes will be on you.

Choose a Great Name

Besides creating one of the best animated logos, you must take the time to choose a great name to display.

Your name must be catchy, witty, have meaning, but most of all, it must sound epic. Think about it as your brand, a way to reflect your gaming skills, and a really powerful way to get your name across the gaming world.

Did you know 61% of gamers in the US describe themselves as natural leaders? Don’t miss the opportunity to be a leader among your crew.

Pick a Style

When using an animated logo maker, you can choose from a wide variety of styles that range from sharp graphics to anime-inspired logos.

There are hundreds of templates created by professionals, so you don’t need to spend time sketching. When scrolling through the animated logo maker list, you can preview, edit, and customize your avatar. In order to narrow your search, begin by picking one of the styles and start working from there.


If you’re into anime style for your streaming channel, you can pick from a bunch of logos inspired in this Japanese aesthetic.

Call of Duty

Fire away! Call of Duty fans will find the perfect animated logo to awe their opponents.

Car Racing

Get your hands on these logos and do it fast! Racing animated logos are already burning fuel and ready to pick up speed.


Life is prettier in pixels, right? Explore 8-bit and cartoon style logos that will multiply the fun.


Are you ready for combat? Not quite if you haven’t got your Counter-Strike inspired animated logo. It’s time to vanish the enemy in great style.


Nobody will win the battle until you’ve created an amazing avatar that will make you the new hero in the DoTA gaming world.


Most popular animated logos alert! Emblems have been the favorite choice for gamers and gaming teams. Why? Because emblems are simple yet meaningful to represent a crowd.


Is your alter-ego an amazing creature from a fairytale? Pick from a bunch of characters that can summon the magic powers to make you win every battle.


Time to flex those muscles! If you want your avatar to look powerful and show off your gaming strength, explore this category.


Go fierce or go home! These Fortnite inspired avatars are ready to boost uplift your game with both fun and magic included.

Free Fire

Sure, it’s OK to survive, but it’s better to survive and stand out. Stay away from dull avatars and find one that gives your channel a professional look.


These demons, undead, and creatures from the underworld are the best when you want to inspire fear among your opponents. Time for goosebumps!

League of Legends

If you’re playing solo or with friends, these logos inspired by the celebrated League of Legends will get you on the right track towards a glorious performance.


Word on the street is that these logos are as mysterious as they are amazingly executed. Are you ready to join the bad guys?



Wild animals, furious creatures or smiling pets are waiting to represent your team!

Mobile Legends

Inspired by the characters in Mobile Legends, you can choose a character that will claim a heroic title after showing your best skills.


When you’re in a multiplayer battle, make sure you stand out with a really colorful, intense avatar with the extra punch of animation.

Rainbow Six Siege

A powerful logo will bring you one step closer to intimidate your opponents. Choose wisely…

Customize It

Just like you would do when using any gaming logo maker, choose the colors that will make you stand out from the rest.

H3. Get an Animated and an Image Version

Once you’ve created an animated version for your logo, you can also get an image to use on social media profiles that don’t support video

Bring It to Life

Instead of spending hours and money on learning how to animate a logo, benefit from online tools that are specially created for it. I’ve done it myself and I seriously think I should’ve done this sooner!

Get the best results and watch it come to life within minutes and without spending your money on video editing software.

Now You’re All Set!

If you already knew how to make a logo, you can also create still logos to sell merch to your fans or to create matching apparel to support your team. At this point, any kind of logo is essential to increase your brand awareness, in this case, to put yourself in the gaming radar.

And… congratulations! Now you’re ready to shake the gaming world with your animated logo. Get on your way to conquer eSports games with the most professional and striking look!

Let us know if you have some tips to share, and let’s see what we can accomplish as a community.