Although many voices are starting to be heard regarding the slow death of console exclusives, the PlayStation 3 still has a few aces up its sleeve: one of them is called Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. The game developed by CyberConnect2 will be available for purchase next week and I’m sure it will be a delight for all the PS3 and Naruto fans out there.

The game brings to game modes: the Free Battle Mode which comes with a three person team structure similar to the animated series (with the devs promising us all sorts of cool stuff, like fighting on walls or running on water). The second mode is the “campaign”, named Ultimate Mission Mode which lets you take 101 missions in the Hidden Leaf Village and learn new Jutsu moves, purchase items and, of course, fight against the best bosses in the series.

Also, if you are a big Naruto fan you’ll be happy to find out that Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm will feature full voice acting in English and Japanese, with all the original actors from the animated series! Even more, CyberConnect2 promises to release lots of downloadable content throughout next year – which will be free to purchase! Shannaro!