Things are not going as great as they should or could for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, so Funcom decided to try and lure some more players to the game by making it free to play. Therefore, anybody who was an active player in the past, can now try out the game for free for two weeks and hopefully be amazed by the revamped MMORPG.

Additionally, all returning players will receive a double experience boost during the free to play period in order to get them up and running at higher levels. hose who decide to continue playing beyond their free period can also look forward to fantastic rewards such as guaranteed access to the beta test for The Secret World, a free copy of the expansion and more. Sounds pretty nice!

“We are very proud of what have been able to do with the game since launch,” says Morten Larssen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Funcom. “The game has grown and improved at a remarkable pace, and we continue to introduce new content, new features and new improvements. We are introducing these fantastic rewards as we know that coming back to an MMO demands effort, and we want to make sure that as many former players as possible are exposed to the new and improved ‘Age of Conan’.”

So… what do you say? Are you willing to give Age of Conan a new try?