A Short Journey is a short (no surprises here, heh?) flash game created by NTFusion, a game that shows and tells us that life is nothing but a short journey. A very short one, if we are to judge the game.

“Life is just like a short journey. Remember all things that matter in your life.”

The two phrases above are the only description that comes with A Short Journey, a rather difficult puzzle game that comes with no instructions on how to play (like life itself) and that has, usually, no happy endings. In the game we actually have 2 endings and they both worth playing for – it won’t take long to beat the game once you get the hang of it and even though some puzzles are pretty difficult (I had big problems with the third puzzle, for example), the game is still incredibly great.

Graphics-wise, we can’t say too much about A Short Journey (maybe just the fact that we have minimalist graphics) but the soundtrack is touchy and incredibly well chosen.

So if you have a few minutes to play a really nice game, head over to Kongregate and play A Short Journey.