ps 4The future is here! Well…not here but what’s a few more weeks? Sony keeps the hype train rolling for Playstation fans everywhere by dropping the latest trailer featuring their nex generation console in all its glory. Some of the attributes highlighted include the GDDR5 8GB hard drive, optical Blu-Ray drive and a main processor that boasts an x86-64 AMD CPU and 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next generation Radeon GPU (translation: it’s very fast and highly efficient). To paint a better picture, everything packed under the hood of this impressive gaming machine rivals that of a high end gaming PC.

For many gamers that have pre-ordered their Day One consoles, the video shown below is bitter sweet; one thing that trumps on the patience of fans more than delays are teaser trailers (it’s so close yet so far away). Those that can not wait or need one last nudge over the fence to own a PS4, take a look at this video and feel your wallet jump out of your back pocket in glee.

Source: Gaming Everything