Frontierville has recently introduced a new goal called Want Fries with Them Fries. As you might have imagined, this goal will required some Potatoes to complete it. The requirements for this mission are:

  • Harvest ten Potatoes
  • Get ten Elbow Greases
  • Get ten Blocks of Lard

Harvesting Potatoes is the easiest part of Want Fries with Them Fries goal. You just need to find a space in your homestead to plant ten Potatoes and wait for four hours before harvesting them.

Elbow Greases are acquired by clicking on the Ask Friends button. This will make a wall post requesting Elbow Greases from your friends. The first three people who click on the request will also get one. Another way to get one is by clicking on your friends’ requests.

Blocks of Lards are acquired by clicking on its Ask Friends button. Then select your active Frontierville friends from the list. When a friend accepts the request, it will send one to you and your friend will get one as well. So be sure that you accept requests to get a Block of Lard as well.

Once Want Fries with Them Fries is completed, you are rewarded with 50 XP and 2 Plates of French Fries. These are meals that give you 20 Energy each.