The fourth and final Frontierville Jackalope Society goal is the Jackalope Lodge. In the previous mission you are tasked to buy a Jackalope Lodge from the Market. In this part you are required to build the Jackalope Lodge. You are also required to buy four Goats from the Market.

The Jackalope Lodge costs 1,000 Coins and 10 Wood but if you’re already in this part of the chain quest then you already have it in your homestead. It requires 9 Whacks at 10 Wood per Whack. That’s a total of 100 Wood, including the initial 10 Wood paid when you purchase it from the Market.

To complete the Jackalope Lodge, you are required to get 5 Window, 5 Cement, 5 Peg, 5 Mallet, 5 Shingles, and 15 Construction Level. You get these materials by asking your friends for them. Or if you got a lot of Horseshoe, then you can buy them.

Once you’ve completed The Jackalope Lodge goal, you’ll receive 80 XP, 500 Coins, and can share Goat’s Milk to your friends. After completing this goal, you can now access the Frontierville Badge feature.