Starting today, there are two new animals you can see in your virtual FarmVille farms: the Llama and the Jackrabbit. Details about these two new animals, as well as the answer to the question: how to get them are below. Happy farming!

We’ll start with the FarmVille Jackrabbit, a new animal you can purchase from the Marketplace. It costs 12 FV cash and it’s a time-limited offer expiring in 30 days from now, so you should decide if you want one by the end of May. This new animal can be harvested every couple of days but at the moment the details are unavailable.

The second new FarmVille animal is the Llama. It can’t be purchased or received as a gift – instead it can be adopted from your friends’ walls. Yes, this means that the FarmVille Llama is the newest lost animal in the game and you should keep your eyes on the FarmVille Feeds to grab at least one for yourself! Again, it is unknown for now what can you harvest from the Llama, but maybe you can help by posting the details in the comment section below.

Did you get any of these two new FarmVille animals?