I am all about apocalypse-themed content (or post-apocalypse, it doesn’t really matter because we reach the same spot in the end) and I am a sucker for zombies, alien invasions and any other “fun” way of ending the world that you can think of. But what makes me tickle the most is the idea of just a handful of survivors (or just one single freak) battling hordes of baddies and trying to survive for as long as possible. Think I Am Legend. Think Zombieland. That’s what I like.

And something similar seems to be on the verge of being delivered to us by Naughty Dog: The Last of Us is the game we’re talking about and just an intro trailer has been revealed, one that immediately sent me into dream land. I don’t want to keep you waiting too long, so I’ll keep the discussion for a little bit later – until then, check out the amazing The Last of Us game trailer below:

It all seems to be incredibly nice and definitely a game to keep an eye on. The only problem with it is that, at least for now, there is no PC version announced. And Naughty Dog are not really the developers you’d usually see creating for the personal computers, but hopefully this time they’ll make an exception. Because The Last of Us seems like a game every single gamer should get the chance to experience. Even us, the poor PC gamers!