Gaming has been a form of entertainment from time immemorial. Archaeologists discovered board games, dice, balls and sticks that the ancient generations used for play and enjoyment. In the early 1600s, casinos came into play introducing a number of gaming activities all centered in one location. By the 1800s, most gamers were catching up and Casinos were spread all over the world. It is in the 1900s that casinos made their major mark in the gaming world with Las Vegas being the “mecca” of casinos.

Casinos are good, but only for those with disposable incomes. Truth be told, if you are a gamer that enjoys playing in casino, you need cash for travel to the casino, money to spend there, food and other expenditures. This then means that majority of casino patrons are those employed or for the rich. The game designers saw this gap and in came the development of mobile gaming. It was in 1998 that video games were introduced in the mobile phones for the first time.


The first mobile phones had a small memory and a limited processing power that affected the kind of games being played on the phones. The most famous game of our time was probably Snake. The Snake was a big block which continues to lengthen as it consumes fruit along its way. The Snake would grow longer and longer until there was no more room to play.it was a simple game but also a very tasking one.

As the technology continued to develop so did the color of our mobile screen, memory and processing power of the phones. Graphics, animations and sound effects also advanced giving rise to more action packed, science fiction and role playing games. The introduction of HTML technology ensured that gamers can enjoy playing games on their mobile phones. The games can be downloaded or accessed through online platforms such as Pomu. The games can be downloaded for free or pay to play. Some of the games even have payouts for their winners.


It’s estimated that 44% of people on the internet are gamers playing online. Not surprising, half of the gamers play through their social media platforms such as Facebook. This is because with gaming comes socialization. Gamers even have a gaming community where they get to schedule matches with each other as well as just interact with each other. Various surveys show that majority of gamers are in their teens and the rest are those aged 35 years and above. Majority of these gamers are also male. However, the female counterparts are catching up on online gaming and the gap will soon close.

With the evils that come with the Internet, the majority of parents want to be hand in hand with what their children are watching online. This has then resulted to an increasing number of parents playing online video games with their parents. This trend has seen game designers make more family friendly and adventurous content than previous games.

In conclusion, it’s true to say that technology is literally the backbone of mobile gaming in the 21st century. The advancement of technology continues to fuel the development of online games day after day. Most game series have updates and new releases at least once or twice in a year.