If you love sports and love betting, then sports betting might seem perfect to you. Before 2018, because of PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), sports gambling was prohibited under the States law except for Nevada. This was overturned in 2018, New Jersey fought for almost 8 years in litigation for each state to have control of sports betting authorization. Finally, on May 14, 2018, they won and the Supreme Court made its decision to strip away PASPA.

This was a milestone for sports betting in the United States of America and now any state that wishes can legalize sports betting. Now, it is a states’ rights issues and every state is free to choose how they want to regulate and tax sports wagering, if and when they choose to legalize it. The states where you can legally indulge in sports betting as of now are the states of New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Mississippi, New Mexico, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Today, we are going to be talking about Delaware because it became the first state to offer legal sports betting after the PASPA was struck down. Even though New Jersey fought for it to happen, Delaware was ready to hit the ball as soon as it dropped. Delaware was one of the four states that already had sports betting laws on the books. The other three states include Montana, Nevada, and Oregon. In 1992, Delaware along with Montana, Nevada, and Oregan was exempted when PASPA came into play. Read more to learn about the legal Delaware sports betting scenario.

On June 5, 2018, the First State’s first sports bet was made by Governor John Carney at Delaware Park. After that, it was noticed that in the first month the revenue went beyond its projections. Which is also why I think sports betting can be turned into a lucrative side career or even main if you have enough perseverance to follow it.

In Delaware, sports betting is legal at three ‘racinos’ which are racetracks that also have gambling facilities and all three of them have dedicated poker rooms. They can also include slot machines and table games, hence the name.

The types of betting on sports that branch out the wagers are Parlay bet which consists of combining the bets and playing them as one – it is one of the oldest and traditional ways of betting; Straight bet which is a single wager; Future bet which gives away the meaning with its name – you place a bet ahead of time on an event. The other two are Prop bets and Teaser bets. Prop bet is when you bet on specific events in a game and teaser bet lets you bet on more than one games.

If you have tried your hands on sports gambling or want to then now is a great time. Be like Delaware and hit as soon as the ball drops, Many states are working towards legalization of sports betting, so keep a track of the proceedings as the casinos and sportsbooks start offering more no deposit opportunities in newly-regulated states to attract new customers.